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Weak Jawline Solutions

Hello, my question regards to what I can do about a weak jawline. I am 22 years old and have been extremely self conscious about my profile for many... READ MORE

Chin Augmentation Vs. Jaw Advancement Surgery

I'm 19 years old and on a bit of a budget, but I have an extremely weak chin, which I would like corrected. I don't know if I should be looking at a... READ MORE

Long Face Syndrome, or Weak Lower Jaw? Will Chin Augmentation Help? (photo)

Well, I've been looking at my side profile views and have been noticing that not only do I have a weak chin, but my jaw seems to have grown almost... READ MORE

Jawline/Chin Implant or Radiesse on Male with a Weak Jawline? (photo)

Hi! I'm a 24-year-old male and while I'm pretty confident with my appearance, my weak jawline has always bothered me. I have a very narrow bottom... READ MORE

I'm Young but Have Fat Under my Chin, What is my Best Option? (photo)

So I am only 20 years old, but I have always had a weird neck. It seems to not curve in enough. Its not exactly a double chin, but I was wondering how... READ MORE

I have a weak jawline, will Chin Augmentation improve my profile? (photos)

I have a very week jawline and believe a chin augmentation would help. I am nervous about people realizing a had facial surgery. I dont hate the way I... READ MORE

What is the best solutions to weak lower face? Unsure if in need of chin and/or jaw implant. (photos)

I strongly dislike my profile and not sure where to begin, or what to even ask for. It looks like my chin is receding, but im a bad judge of that. My... READ MORE

Do I have a weak and receding chin? What would you recommend to improve it? (photos)

If my chin is too small, what kind of implant would you recommend? Are there better options besides surgery? Is my chin slightly small or is it... READ MORE

Which procedure would be best for my weak jawline and 'double chin'? (Photo)

I am unhappy with my profile as my jaw lacks definition and I easily get a 'double chin' despite being slim. This is something that runs in my family... READ MORE

I have a very weak side profile. I don't simply want a large chin but rather a nice jaw line as well. (photos)

What procedure do I Need? Ive been to different surgeons willing to put a chin in place. However, I am aiming for a square jaw with more depth at... READ MORE

Can chin/jaw implants help improve weak jawline? (photos)

I want to know if these facial implants could help me achieve a more defined chin/jawline. Is the photoshopped version an achievable goal? What would... READ MORE

How Much Augmentation is Possible with jaw augmentation implants in mm?

Hi, I have a weak jaw in comparison with my facial width, so my objective with this imlants is to get a very wide maculine jaw even to be wider than... READ MORE

Is there such a thing as a square chin implant without wings?

Is there such a thing as a central square chin implant (without wings or extensions)? I know of implants like Implantech Terino square Style I and II... READ MORE

Should I get a chin implant? What exactly is the weak part of my facial profile? (Photo)

I've been insecure about my jaw - chin - lips , my lips sort of crease and I'm not sure what causes this , I just want to know what exactly is causing... READ MORE

Do I have a weak chin? (photos)

I have always been very self conscious about my profile, but do you believe in my case I need something as drastic as a chin implant? Or is there an... READ MORE

Could I benefit from a Jaw/ Chin Implant or Neck Lift? (photos)

I would ideally like a more "chiseled" masculine looking jaw line. I feel as though I have a weak chin, a bit of excess skin under my chin and jaw as... READ MORE

Can 25 year old chin implant be safely removed or made smaller?

I had a chin implant put in almost 25 years ago because of a slightly weak profile protrusion. It was a huge mistake. It lengthed my already long... READ MORE

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