Upper Lip + Chin Implant

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Lip Asymmetry After Chin Implant Removal

Is asymmetry in the corner of the upper lip normal after chin implant removal? It's been almost a year since a silicone chin implant was removed via... READ MORE

Chin Implant Pushed my Lower Lip Under the Upper Lip

My procedure was performed almost 7 weeks ago...my lower has essentially disappeared...my physician indicates it is because the chin implant is too... READ MORE

Can chin implant solve my problem? (photo)

I have a small weak chin. And my upper lip is short so it's hard for me to close my mouth. I had an orthodontic treatment before for about 5 years.... READ MORE

I hate my profile, do I need a chin implant? (photos)

Hi, I hate my profile, my chin is assymetric due to an accident I had when I was little. I don't have an overbite but my upper lip looks so protruding... READ MORE

Chin implant and overall facial improvement. (photos)

I'm interested in getting a chin implant to improve my side profile but I also want to improve the overall appearance of my face. I don't like how... READ MORE

Can filler be used to improve the bottom half of my face after Chin Implant? (photos)

I had a chin implant placed due to a weak chin but i am still unhappy with the bottom half of my face. I dont want any more surgery but i think filler... READ MORE

Do I need a chin augmentation? (Photo)

I have a very weak chin and am wondering what kind of procedure i would need to advance my chin to my match my upper lip. Please let me know and thank... READ MORE

How can I make my face propotionate? (Photo)

My nose is too pointy from the side and when i smile the tip falls. My eyebrows are droopy and create a hood over my eyes until i raise my eyebrows.... READ MORE

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