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Is my Chin Implant Way Too Big? (photo)

I am 34 y/o. Had a Large square Terino style 2 extended chin implant set in 6 weeks ago. While swelling has gone down I am still unable to laugh or... READ MORE

Chin Implant Swelling, What to Expect After Day 10?

I don't have any visible swelling left so I'm a little worried about they size of the implant. I feel like it looks unnatural and its uneven.... READ MORE

Smoking's Effect on Cheek Fat Grafts/Chin Implant?

I recently had a chin implant put in and fat grafted to my face on my cheeks and I regret doing so. I'd thought about it for years and finally did it,... READ MORE

Will my chin size reduce significantly 11 days post chin implant? (Photo)

I had a medium chin implant placed intraorally 11 days ago as well as neck lipo. Right now i feel like its too big and looks really unnatural. My... READ MORE

Would a silicone implant look more natural than my Medpor chin implant? (Photo)

I got a 7mm medpor implant 3 months ago & I want to have it removed.It looks really good from the side & when my face is resting, but from the front... READ MORE

Worth it to replace chin implant? (Photo)

I had a silicone chin implant (6mm) placed almost 2 years ago. I feel like it looks unnatural, and it also creates a clear boundary between the... READ MORE

Can I remove a chin implant and just use fillers if necessary

I had a chin implant three years ago and am very dissatisfied with it. I just wanted to improve my profile but it has made the front of my face... READ MORE

Has my chin implant shifted? I'm 4 months post op. Medium size installed.

I feel a dent -- the inverse of a ridge, just in the front of the lower mandible, almost an inch long. I'm happy my doc was able to preserve my chin... READ MORE

Is there anything I can do to improve my chin area? It's not that recessed in the profile view, but it looks small. (photo)

I have 7-yr old jaw implants, but I never got a chin implant. The doc agreed that I didn't really need projection & felt my labomental sulcus... READ MORE

Why do I have a Cleft Chin after my Chin Implant? (Butt Chin) Will that go down and form into the smooth shape I want? (Photos)

I got a chin implant and everything looked wonderful, until my doctor took off the bandages, and then I saw in the mirror that it was a Butt... READ MORE

How long is the healing time after silicone chin implant removal?

I removed my chin implant 17 days ago. It was a; silicone,extended anatomical,small 5mm, incision under chin. I keep it only 2 days!removed it at 3th... READ MORE

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