Underbite + Chin Implant

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Lip Reduction and Chin Implant

I want a softer profile and believe my big bottom lip makes my receded chin look even more receded. Is this because of my mild overbite(2mm)? I don't... READ MORE

Best Solution to Achieve This Chin Shape? (photo)

In the results picture, I have just moved my lower jaw forward and lower. But this does create an under bite. I have the following questions: 1. Is... READ MORE

Chin Implant After Double Jaw Surgery?

I had double jaw surgery 2 years ago to correct an underbite. I now feel my chin is to small in comparison to my nose/other facial features. Could you... READ MORE

Just Had Chin Implant - Does Your Bottom Lip and New Protruded Chin Make You Look Like You Have an Underbite?

I just had chin implant surgery on Thursday with a 12mm implant. I have some swelling and when I look in the mirror, I look like I have a slight... READ MORE

Options for Flattening out Mandibular Angle? (photo)

I had a class III underbite at around 10 yrs old which was treated with braces for 2 yrs, but still have around a 2mm discrepancy. What I dont... READ MORE

Can a Chin Implant Correct an Underbite?

Title says it all. Thanks in advance! READ MORE

Difference between chin wing implant, sliding genioplasty and jaw surgery?

I am a male and I have a weak chin. I also want a better jaw from the front/side view. What would you recommend to me, I might also want to alter my... READ MORE

Possible to Get Jaw Surgery After a Chin Implant?

I had a chin implant inserted 2 years ago, it has made relatively no differance. I now think it is because my mouth protudes and chin is sunken due to... READ MORE

Would a chin implant accompanied with the nose job I'm going to get improve my profile? (photo)

First off, I have straight teeth. I don't have an underbite or overbite or anything. I have big lips which I like, but I hate my profile because of my... READ MORE

What's the best feminine chin implant for subtle vertical increase and projection without lateral width? (Photo)

I'm a female with a small heart shaped face, narrow small chin & mild underbite. My chin was set back about 10mm from where it should be & is quite... READ MORE

What is the best way for me to improve my profile? Chin implant? Submentoplasty? Orthognatic surgery? Or something else? (photo)

I would like to achieve a more balanced profile and have a more defined jaw line. I am around my ideal weight but I am not happy with the extra fat... READ MORE

Chin implant surgery. Can I have a second implant?

I did undergo a chin implant surgery back in 2006. It did improve my apperence in comparison to pre surgery. Cosmetic procedure went very well. I was... READ MORE

Will a chin implant help me? (Photo)

I have an underbite, as well as a weak chin. In my pictures, I have done 'normal' (relaxed teeth position), & 'pushed forward' (roughly aligned teeth)... READ MORE

Pre-maxillary implant questions?

I have decided, after years of disliking my underbite look, and unsuccessfully achieving projection with lip plumping, to have a pre-maxillary implant... READ MORE

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