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Chin Implant Materials

And what are the chin implants made of? what options would i have when i meet with a surgeon? READ MORE

Jaw Implant For Round Face?

I have a very round, "moon" face with little definition and bone structure. I was wondering if jaw implants would help give more definition... READ MORE

I Am Torn Between the Terino Square Chin Style 1 and the Terino Square Chin Style 2? (photo)

Does anyone have experience working with both of these implant types? My goal is a strong masculine jaw line and a well defined chin. I am also having... READ MORE

Can Chin Implants Increase a Chins Vertical Height?

Can chin implants increase a chins vertical height and also what type of implants can accomplish this? READ MORE

Would a Short/button Chin Implant Give Vertical Height to my Short Chin? Or Is the Flower Mandibular Glove the Only One? (photo)

What I really want is some height to my chin since my face is too round. Is that possible w button style implant? Would placing it lower on the... READ MORE

Best Chin Implant for Weak Chin, Pronounced Cheek Bones? Size? Material? Model?

Hi, I am living in an area where plastic surgery is not popular. I am looking to go custom if needed. I am thinking of a getting an analysis for a... READ MORE

Considering Chin Implant? (photo)

Hello, I'm 27 yr old male. I have slight decreased chin projection. I'm trying to decide which Terino implant will be better for me : terino square... READ MORE

SOS I Can't Bear my Chin Anymore? (photo)

My chin is so short so flat! I can't bear it anymore. I want to get a V shape. What chin meterials is my best choice? Silasic ? Medpor? Gore-tex? OR... READ MORE

Am I a Candidate for Chin Augmentation (Male)? (photo)

I have a very pointy and narrow chin. Also, it appears weak from a profile view. I would like a more square, and masculine chin. Am I candidate for... READ MORE

Will Terino Square Chin Style 1 Suits Me? (photo)

I want good anterior projection and a mnasqulin look...help me to choose chin implant size. READ MORE

Xrays for Chin Implant?

Hi, I am considering a chin implant, what Xrays should I ask my physician for before considering this procedure, to determine the bones in my jaw.... READ MORE

Chin and Lip Augmentation Candidate? (photo)

A Dr. recently said I would be a good candidate for a chin implant and lip implants/augmentation. I added pictures for feedback and a second opinion... READ MORE

What Are the Most Effective Chin Implants?

I'm considering a chin implant and have seen two surgeons. One specialisies in silicone implants one in gore tex. I want a small implant with wings to... READ MORE

What size/type of chin implant should I consider? (Photo)

I understand that my chin is weak and that it could be improved with a chin implant. Based on my photos, what size & type of implant would you... READ MORE

What Types of Chin Implants Are Being Used Today, and Which Would Be the Most Highly Recommended and Why?

Can an old chin implant be removed and the remaining scar tissue left in place and a new implant put in, or must the remaining scar tissue have to be... READ MORE

What Are the Options of Chin Augmentation Other Than Silicone?

I had a silicon chin implant surgery 4 years ago when I was 18. However there'd been noticeable bone resorption and the result, which was ok during... READ MORE

What size/type of chin implant would you recommend to fix my profile? (photos)

Would I need a neck lift also and if I could not afford a neck lift in addition to the chin inplant would it still be worth it to get the chin... READ MORE

I Decided to Get Jaw and Chin Implants, but Which Style Should I Choose? (photo)

Im getting mandibular implants to widen and lower my jawline. And will also be getting a chin implant to widen my narrow chin & make it more... READ MORE

How can a chin implant be placed on the mandible to avoid adding vertical height? (photo)

I want my chin to project horizontally, curving upwards slightly. I do not want vertical height added to my chin because this would make my face to... READ MORE

I have a recessed chin. What type of treatment do you recommend? (Photo)

I had braces and got them off about 7 months ago and my jaw looks even further back then when I had braces. I'm so self conscious about it, and I feel... READ MORE

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