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Chin Implant, Is My Chin Too Small?

Hi i am considering getting a chin implant however i fear that my chin is way too small and my chin bone is too small that i wonder where would the... READ MORE

How Many Cm Should my Chin Implant Be? (photo)

I got a chin implant 3 months ago & It's an improvement but not what I expected. The implant is too small & I discussed this with my surgeon... READ MORE

Chin Implant too small? (photo)

Hi there, I am 7 days post OP from a Chin implant (with Lipo) and am very concerned about the change in appearance. The doctor informed me after that... READ MORE

I Had a Large Silicone Chin Implant Placed 4 Weeks Ago and I'm Unsure if It's Too Small? (photo)

I'm wondering whether it might have been better for the my surgeon to use an extra large implant. Post surgery he told me had tried a medium and it... READ MORE

I believe my chin implant is too small, what should I do? (Photo)

I just recently got a chin augmentation surgery (silicone) about 4 days ago and I am already thinking that the implant was not large enough. The... READ MORE

Is a medium chin implant the correct size to use? (Photo)

Hi, I have a surgery scheduled for a chin augmentation later this year. My surgeon said he wants to use a medium size chin implant and that my chin... READ MORE

Is my chin too small? (photo)

I just want a honest opinion if my chin is too small I'm 18 btw READ MORE

Chin implant revision? (Photos)

I'm in my early 20s and got a chin implant last year and am unhappy with the results. Now it looks too small, unequal, and does not fix my jowl issues... READ MORE

Is my chin too short? (Photos)

The prominence is ok from profile, but I worry that my jaw is too small and chin area too short from the frontal view. Do you think I'd benefit from... READ MORE

Is my chin too small? (Photo)

I feel like my chin should stick out more and would like to know if I have a weak chin? I'm afraid that making any adjustments will make my cheeks... READ MORE

A chin implant isn't giving me enough projection. Do I need to contact a maxillofacial surgeon for further help?

So last year I got the largest chin implant available and I still desire just a little bit more projection. My plastic surgeon told me that she cannot... READ MORE

How much should chin implant revision cost?

Back when I had my chin implant put in for the first time I trusted the doctors judgement and it ended up being too small. The doctor admitted it and... READ MORE

What is the standard price for revisions?

If you and the doctor decide on an implant size and it ends up being too small who is liable? How much should you still have to pay the doctor to... READ MORE

Would a jaw and chin implant improve my appearance? (photos)

Would jaw and chin implant improve my apperence my jaw/chin is small and i would like to improve my appearance READ MORE

Is my Chin Implant too small? (photos)

I just got a chin implant 5 days ago and I feel like there is not enough projection. I got a medium size curvilinear implant. It looks like there is... READ MORE

Do I have the potential to become exceptionally attractive, or would that be an unrealistic? (photos)

What is unattractive about my face? I think I need mandible advancement, by nose may be too large, I'm unsure of my facial proportions, but I... READ MORE

Do I need a chin implant? (Photos)

Hi! I'm wondering if my chin is too small and if I need a chin implant : I like my face profile but I don't like my frontal and my 3/4 view. If you... READ MORE

Chin implants; is my chin round, square, pointed & too small for a male? (Photo)

Please before telling me what should i do...tell meif my chin is round square or pointed and is it too small for a male READ MORE

Been for a free consultation with a nurse for chin implant. Was told my face is too small for implant? (Photo)

Been through mini lift and iam 43. Minimal result as iam not happy about chin definition and prejowl sulcas. Also there is no length under my chin... READ MORE

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