Tingling + Chin Implant

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Is my Chin Implant Pushing on my Mental Nerve? (photo)

3weeks back I had medpor chin Implant placed intraorally, middle of my lower lip is numb and left side feels very sensitive but has no sensitivity to... READ MORE

Permanent Numbness After Sliding Genioplasty or is It?

I had a sliding genioplasty years ago that left me with permanent nerve damage and my lower left bottom lip and the area around that is numb which has... READ MORE

Tingling Itchy Feeling in my Chin?

Had implant removed after 17 years as I thought the scar capsule had an issue, as I get odd tingly and tight sensations in that area. 5 weeks after... READ MORE

Infrequent Tingling Sensation After Chin Implants

Hi, Is it normal to have tingling sensation in chin after 3 years of silicone chin implants ? I get them occasionaly. There is no pain or numbness and... READ MORE

Chin Implant tingling and swelling 6 years later?

I had chin implant and fat injections six years ago. There is still swelling and tingling up until today. The last swelling left a visible hardening... READ MORE

Crooked Smile and Tingly Half Lip? (photo)

I am 2 weeks out from getting a chin implant and half of my lower lip and chin is fine but the other half is and has been tingly/numb & feels... READ MORE

1 Year After Chin Implant Removal I Have Started Getting the Tingling and Tightness Feeling?

I had a small silicone chin implant which was fine for 17 years.I started getting tingling, tightness and numbness. I had it removed and the feelings... READ MORE

Tingling Cheek 3 Years Post- Rhinoplasty and Chin Implant

Hi, I had rhinoplasty and Chin Implant done 3 years ago. Everything has been good so far. But since 1 week I m noticing slight tingling sensation in... READ MORE

Do chin implants harm the gums or teeth?

I had a chin implant placed 4 weeks ago and still have tightness around the chin area. I had tingling sensations around my teeth during the recovery... READ MORE

Why Do I Still Have No Sensation and Persistent Swelling 2 Weeks Post Chin Implant Surgery?

I got a chin augumentation and an implant placed on the left lower jaw 2wks ago. The swelling is still high and there is no sensation in a part of my... READ MORE

Chin Implant Pain?

I am 11 days post op on a chin implant. I still have numbness and tingles. When I wake up in the morning I am ok, just numb and tingles, however as... READ MORE

I Had a Winged Chin Implant 2 Weeks Ago, Tingling and Sharp Pain With Certain Movements?

I felt the tingle sensation on my lower lip and now its just a portion of the right side of my lip but my biggest concern is a sharp pain I experience... READ MORE

Infection or Normal Healing?

I feel disconfort after my 2nd chin implant 7 weeks ago: sharp and sudden pain in my chin area, sensitive and tingling lower lip where there was no... READ MORE

Chin implant revision 2 months post op still having complications. Will it ever get better?

Had a chin implant revision 2 months ago because I had constant tightness and tingles. Replaced it with a button style (had a wing style that was... READ MORE

Silastic Chin Implant removed 4 months ago with chin ptosis. When am I done healing?

The implant was placed through a submental incision, medium sized and removed due to nerve tingling and difficulty smiling. The implant was removed 2... READ MORE

5 weeks post op Chin Implant, I have tingling numbness. Is it normal? Will sensation be back?

Hello, I had a chin augmentation with implant 5 weeks ago and the left half of chin and lip are still numb. (from center of lip to a few millimeters... READ MORE

3 months post op of Chin Implant, my lower lips still feels numb. When will the feelings return?

Chin implant and face lift 3 months ago. STILL have numbness in middle of chin below lip , tingling sensation in lower lip. worse when eat or talk.... READ MORE

Should I be worried about lip movement and smile after chin implant?

I am 10 days post op. Before I could move my lips and show my bottom teeth. I move my bottom lip now and try to move the muscles to bring it to show... READ MORE

Had Chin Implant 10 Years Ago, Just Now Have A Burning/Tingling Sensation?

I had a chin implant placed 10 yrs ago which was slightly assymetrical. Over 1and1/2 yrs ago I had some Sculptra placed around my chin to make it look... READ MORE

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