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Is It a Bad Idea to Get a Chin Implant, then a Nose Job a Few Years Later? (photo)

I'd like to get a chin implant and a nose job. Ideally, I would get both done together, but I want to be able to pay up front without using a credit... READ MORE

How Long Should I Wait After Chin Implant to Get Jaw Implants?

I'm having chin implant surgery mid-May and was wondering how long should I wait to have jaw implant surgery? I know these can be combined, but the... READ MORE

Nine Month Waiting Period Between Chin Implants? (photo)

My doc said I should wait 9 months before swapping out my chin implant. Is this waiting period necessary? I had it done in early February, so it's... READ MORE

Can I get a chin implant if my chin currently has Restylane? (Photo)

I went in yesterday for my restylane injection under my eyes...we used one syringe and a little was left over and decided to put it in my chin but now... READ MORE

How soon after a rhinoplasty can a sliding genioplasty be performed?

Please don't tell me these should be ideally performed at the same time - I understand that. I'm curious what the actual restriction is for doing a... READ MORE

How long should I wait between facial procedures?

About a week ago, I got a chin implant and had liposuction done on my chin. So far, everything is healing well. Another procedure I'd like to get done... READ MORE

Can I get a Chin Implant after a Rhinoplasty? (photos)

Hi, so there is a Dr. I would like to perform a Rhinoplasty in Dallas. The procedure is expensive, and he's also recommending I receive a Chin Implant... READ MORE

Had a non-surgical chin aug (Radiesse), decided I want implant instead. Do I need to wait until Radiesse dissipates to do that?

I had a non-surgical chin augmentation with Radiesse, then realized a chin implant would have been a better choice. Do I need to wait a year or so or... READ MORE

Thread facelift and chin implant which one first?

Hi ...I wanted to do chin implant and thread facelift , but is different clinic .. so ..can I done thread facelift first than tomorrow do chin... READ MORE

How long do I need to wait to have a facial massage after facial none and Chin Augmentation surgery?

I'd like to know how long post Chin Implant and Zygoma reduction surgery can i have facial massage .tq READ MORE

Do jaw or chin implants have to be replaced every so years?

This might sound strange but i was wondering if a jaw implant is similar to breast implants to where they have replace them every now and then. Do jaw... READ MORE

Can a chin implant be added on 3-6 months after genioplasty?

I had sliding genioplasty done to augment my chin, and I'm very satisfied so far. However, I was wanting to add a minor chin implant to help with the... READ MORE

Chin implant after chin filler? (Photo)

I got radiesse in my chin 2 months ago , however it just made my chin look fuller and heavier and not with protection or feminine . Can I get a chin... READ MORE

How long should I wait to get a chin implant after neck liposuction?

I had ultrasound neck lipo done on Oct. 13. I am thinking about getting chin implant near the end of January. Is the timing okay or too early? READ MORE

Tooth extraction, how long after chin implant?

Hi, I am going to have three tooths taken out (one was already taken out a month prior to the implant). I just had a chin implant 2 days ago, how long... READ MORE

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