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I Work As a Telemarketer Will I Be Able to Talk Consistently on the Phone 1 Week After a Chin Implant?

I am on the phone for a few hours a day I'd like to build the lower third of my face, and would like to have a chin implant and jaw implants to... READ MORE

3 months post op, what are my options for a possible chin implant revision? (Photo)

Large terino implant put in externally & the left wing stretches up by my lips. Every few days I get sharp pain there, more during animated... READ MORE

Can Chin Implants Move From Talking?

I just received a Chin Implant about 4 days ago and today, I felt great. No issues except my paranoia. Today, I was talking with my friend over skype... READ MORE

8 days after chin implant, intra oral incison. Cannot talk normally?

Hi doctors, I am 8 days post chin implant via intra oral incision. The suture is fine and all that. However, i cannot talk normally. Especially when i... READ MORE

Chin implant pain 1.5 months post op.

I had a chin implant on Aug 30, 2016 and I have pressure pain on my right side in the front below the lower lip and above the jaw line The area sticks... READ MORE

Right side of the lip doesnt go down when smiling or talking or laughing after chin implant removal? Crooked smile? permanent?

I got chin implant under the chin silicone extended small 5mm. I got ıt out after 2 days of having it. No infection. My right side of the lip and ... READ MORE

Small hole in intraoral suture from chin implant. (photo)

2 months after chin augmentation via intraoral way, there appeared ( well I've noticed) small hole in surure, about 4 mm ... i feel and hear cracking... READ MORE

Intraoral chin implant 7 days post-op - lower lip looks small, weird and covers my lower teeth. (photos)

I had chin implants 7 days ago through intraoral and most of the swelling is gone. My concern is, my lips looks weired and smaller than before. When I... READ MORE

Why do I have this crease or indention in my chin when I talk or smile after chin augmentation? (photo)

Please please give me your opinion, it has been eight weeks since surgery. READ MORE

Chin implant help - I underwent chin implant by intraoral method 6 weeks ago.

I still feel numb at my chin and lower bottom lip. It is better compared to the first two weeks but ever since then, it hasn't improved. It feels... READ MORE

Does swelling affect speaking after chin implant?

Hello! I am four weeks post-op and i am still swollen (a bit red on one side) and i have problems to pronounce some words. Also my smile looks stiff... READ MORE

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