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Breakdown of Suture Line Intraoral Chin Implant? (photo)

I am 9 days post op for an intraoral silicone chin implant. Been brushing teeth and using mouthwash frequently. The suture line is breaking down in... READ MORE

Unusual Scarring and Protruding Sutures After Chin Implant. Is This Normal? (photo)

I had revision chin implant three weeks after the original one was done. (The first one was mal positioned) This new implant is properly placed but, I... READ MORE

4 weeks after chin implant removal could there be something wrong with my mentalis muscle or could it be something else? (photo)

I had an XL intraoral chin implant 2 months ago, hated it and then had it removed 5 weeks later. 4 weeks after the removal, I still can't close my... READ MORE

Split stitches/sutures in mouth from chin implant procedure. Will the area heal by itself or should I get it re-stitched?

I've had a chin implant fitted just under 2-weeks ago which was inserted through my mouth. A part of the original stitches/suture came undone last... READ MORE

Time of Intraoral Chin Implant Wound?

Hi doctors! Three weeks ago I had a intraoral chin implant. The implant position is perfect and the swelling is completely gone, so the external... READ MORE

Can permanent suture cause infection on a Chin Implant incision?

Chin implant w/incision under chin on 4/16/14, stitches removed 2wk after. Have little balls/pimple like on my incision not sure if that's normal, i... READ MORE

Can I shift chin implant after 1 week by moving my chin muscles?

I had chin implant done about a week ago. I noticed that I sometimes move my chin muscle up and down as a sort of reflex, say if I drop something on... READ MORE

How long does it take for intraoral incision to heal? Accidentally pulled chin implant sutures.

25 days post op from an intraoral chin implant. I accidentally pulled my (dissolveable) sutures which really hurt, and now I have a huge bump on the... READ MORE

Suture Granuloma 2-3 Months Post Op. What needs to be done at this point and how should I verbalize this concern? (photo)

I had a chin implant procedure 3 months ago. 9 weeks post op, I developed a seroma due to the liposuction and it started reabsorbing at 2.5 months. 2... READ MORE

Chin implant removal. I am having my chin implant removed next week. 1st time was along with rhino/Bichectomy then it shifted?

Revision surgery was a success but I know I can't live with a foreign object and I don't look like myself. Doctor let me know he will used local... READ MORE

Possible for another doctor to check for shift/Non-surgical fix for shifted chin implant? 8 days post-op (Photos)

The surgery was sub-mental, no screw used, sutured to underlying tissue. Sustained direct impact with knee to right side of chin (6 days after... READ MORE

Chin augmentation by serdev suture?

Hello Doctors.. I'm researching different chin augmentation options; (an implant being the last resort since I don't want to go under the knife); one... READ MORE

Non-dissolving suture deep in 6-month old submental chin implant incision.

There is a non-dissolving suture left in my chin implant incision. I think the surgeon missed it when removing the stitches. It feels like a small... READ MORE

Small hole in intraoral suture from chin implant. (photo)

2 months after chin augmentation via intraoral way, there appeared ( well I've noticed) small hole in surure, about 4 mm ... i feel and hear cracking... READ MORE

Is 2 weeks too long to leave the sutures in after a chin lift?

Sutures in front of my ears ,behind my ears and on my neck are still in. After one week Dr. only removed the sutures on my chin. Will I get increased... READ MORE

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