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Will Chin Implant or Jaw Implant Improve Profile? (photo)

Last year I underwent 2 surgeries to repair a severe mandible fracture after accident. The trauma and resulting surgeries left my chin misaligned and... READ MORE

Chin Implant or Surgery After Tooth Extraction? (photo)

Hi! I had 4 teeth extracted in my teens for braces. I noticed after this I developed TMJ. I recently had braces again to open spaces on the upper... READ MORE

Possible to Get Jaw Surgery After a Chin Implant?

I had a chin implant inserted 2 years ago, it has made relatively no differance. I now think it is because my mouth protudes and chin is sunken due to... READ MORE

What is the best way for me to improve my profile? Chin implant? Submentoplasty? Orthognatic surgery? Or something else? (photo)

I would like to achieve a more balanced profile and have a more defined jaw line. I am around my ideal weight but I am not happy with the extra fat... READ MORE

Can chin implants be revised to make my chin appear shorter? What are the complications? (Photos)

My doc did a great job and there still is swelling (3.5 months) but if the swelling doesn't go down enough, can I get a revision surgery to decrease... READ MORE

Could a chin filler achieve the same result as a chin implant would? (Photo)

Hi, due to health issues i'm unable to go under the knife as i have a serious condition which means it would be dangerous for me to have surgery. I... READ MORE

How can I balance my facial proportions?

Im concerned that I may have long face syndrome. I think that my midface is too long (upper lip measures 16mm with tooth show), lower half too heavy... READ MORE

Chin Implant Revision? (Photos)

Just over a year ago I underwent surgery for a medium size, medpor, button style chin implant. After surgery I was a little concerned with the overall... READ MORE

Do I need a chin implant or jaw surgery? (Photos)

I still can't put my finger on exactly what is wrong with my chin? Is it just small and needing an implant or is it a different issue with the lower... READ MORE

Asymmetrical chin - is there any way to sort this out without surgery? (Photos)

Hi, I have a very asymmetrical lower jaw, which people often point out. I had braces when I was younger and since then my jaw has become way more... READ MORE

Cheek and chin implants: Is there anyway to correct nerve damage around the mouth?

My mouth moves unnaturally when speaking. Pulling down like a fish hook on my bottom lip and moving awkwardly on my top lip. Can anything help? Botox?... READ MORE

Jaw implants/bimaxillary surgery/chin wing for recessed jaw? Looking for a more masculine, angular shape. (photos)

Have decided to finally go through with getting surgery done, I have a very narrow (maybe recessed as well) jawline. Even at a very low body fat my... READ MORE

Can Chin Implants make a short face taller?

My face is really short with no real Definition. I think i will do chin surgery to make my face more attractive. Can the Implantats make my face look... READ MORE

How big should my chin implants be? (Photos)

1. How big my implants should be? My doctor recommended me 5mm.I would like to have a bit longer face and distinguish chin.I wanna have dimple surgery... READ MORE

Can jaw surgery and chin implant add facial height?

How big of a difference can a surgery to add facial height and definition make? My face is short and under average in height. Can surgerys make the... READ MORE

Chin implant? (Photos)

-I have braces for 1year 1 months. -my orthodontist say I have to do jaw surgery. -my maxillofacial say no it's nesesary the jaw surgery. -my chin is... READ MORE

Should I have surgery on my chin or my nose or both to fix the imbalance of my face? (Photos)

I believe my nose give my face a depressed look. My chin isn't very straight when I smile either. So I want to know what procedure I should go for. READ MORE

Will my lower lip and platysmal muscle be normal? Surgery 2 months ago (Photos)

I had received facial surgery (cheekbone reduction, genioplasty and chin surgery) in South Korea on 25th March 2016. 2 weeks after the surgery, I... READ MORE

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