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Yellow Sores in Mouth After Chin Implant / Lipo

Hello everyone. So i had a chin implant plus Lipo done under my chin on Friday. After the procedure the right side of mouth had developed yellow... READ MORE

Is my Chin Implant Riding High and Causing Gum Soreness? (photo)

I'm 7weeks post chin Implant (anatomic medpor,intra-orally)op. I feel the chin Implant is very high on the left side.I see pink line of blood on my... READ MORE

Chin Implant Wings. 3 Month Out and It is Sore?

I am just over 3 months out and my small extended anatomical implant looks great. However, it is often sore at the ends of the wings. It feels like... READ MORE

2 Months Post Op, Worried I May Have Shifted my Chin Implant?

I am two months post op for a small chin implant and I noticed I still have a slight double chin so I looked up facial exercises I could do to reduce... READ MORE

Chin Implant Discomfort Years After Operation, Is This Normal?

Along with the rhinoplasty procedure, I also had a chin implant 3 and a half years ago in the summer of 2008 and all was fine but as of lately my chin... READ MORE

How can chin implant biofilm be treated? Can it be reduced with antibiotic or heat? Can it be ignored if symptoms are mild?

My chin implant was done 15 years ago and over the last 4 yrs after a sculptra injection in the area I started feeling intermittent tightness/soreness... READ MORE

Is it normal to have tenderness/soreness after eating, 4 weeks after a chin implant?

I had a chin implant 4 weeks ago. When I eat solid food, there is one spot on the right edge of my face & neck (in other words, on the bone) that gets... READ MORE

What are the dangers of a chin implant infection?

I had a chin augmentation 4 months ago and I've had issues since it was put in. I've had a seroma, granulomas, and soreness that hasn't subsided. The... READ MORE

Hard tissue after a chin implant. Is this normal? (Photo)

I had a chin implant two weeks ago with the insition inside my mouth. My chin is pretty sore but the left side is more swallow than the right side,... READ MORE

Is something wrong with my chin implant? I'm in so much pain after a week.

4 years ago I had chin augmentation via intraoral, but the incision never closed completely, so I had it removed because it was contaminated. I... READ MORE

Chin Implant Infection 3 Months Post Op?

I had a chin implant procedure 3 months ago, and since then, I have been experiencing soreness. The incision still oozes yellowish discharge and I... READ MORE

2 days after chin implant and still have a lot of pain and soreness???

Had my chin implant on Monday and it is very difficult to eat I cannot chew at all or lick my lips or talk well without pain. I cant eat much which... READ MORE

Chin implant still sore- 6 weeks post op. Is this normal?

I had a chin implant about six weeks ago, the left side is healing fine but the right side is still numb,swollen and sore. I have an aching feeling on... READ MORE

Is this an infection? Crack heard from chin implant. (photo)

I'm five months post op an intraoral chin implant. Yesterday, I was massaging my chin because it felt sore, and I heard/felt a cracking noise. Never... READ MORE

I had my chin implant out today! All went well but I am more sore than the two previous surgeries (one put in and shifted)

Succesfully reattached and then removal due to dissatisfaction all in a month and three weeks) my dr let me know he will suture my skin back up and... READ MORE

Removed chin implant 2 days after I got it. Will my chin and smile go back ıts pre-op shape?

I got extended ana. Silicone small 5mm chin implant via under chin. I kept ıt only 2 days then removed ıt. There was no infection etc. I dıdnt like th... READ MORE

Chin implant long term outlook and stiffness soreness.

Hey there, I got a 7mm Medpor chin implant with 2 titanium screws 7 weeks ago. I'm happy with it but I'm getting stiffness/tightness in the chin area... READ MORE

Sudden sore and tightness 8 to 9 years after chin implanted. Should I get it removed? (Photo)

I had my chin implanted 8 to 9 years ago, it was ok and i didn't have any problem with it. but yesterday when i woke up, i felt sudden sore and... READ MORE

Has my chin implant moved?

I had a medium chin implant just over 3 weeks ago. Up until 5 days ago the healing and look of things were going great and apart from a little... READ MORE

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