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Bigger Chin and a Smaller Nose Possible?

Hello, I want to have a nasal tip deprojection and a chin augmentation to make my profile more balanced. I made a before and after photo to help... READ MORE

Should I Go with a Smaller Chin Implant or Remove It Altogether? Can I Do Something About my Cheeks? (photo)

Had chin implant 2 of wks ago + buccal fat removal & lipo under jaw & neck. Regret buccal fat removal as ppl say I look tired. I'm 31 & I... READ MORE

Why Has my Chin Implant Made my Lower Lip Smaller?

Hi there, I had a chin implant a year ago but I still feel some discomfort inside my mouth. I also noticed that my lower lip became even smaller (more... READ MORE

Lips Looking Smaller After Chin Implant? (photo)

Hi Doctors, On 29th June 12, I had the following surgeries: 1) liposculpture of the face by postauricular openings and submental incsions,1mm each... READ MORE

Downsizing Chin Implant?

Hi, I had a medium Flowers Mandibular Glove chin implant (8mm), and it´s quite big for my face, so I´m going to replace it with a smaller one. I´m... READ MORE

23, female. Would I be a good candidate for a chin implant? Would it balance my face without making it look masculine? (Photo)

Compared to my eyes and nose, I feel like the lower third of my face is small. Would a chin implant balance out my face without making it look... READ MORE

Can I change to smaller chin implant?

I had a facelift and a week before the surgery, my doctor recommended I also have a chin implant. I agreed but we didn't have a clear agreement on the... READ MORE

Mentolabial fold and chin augmentation. Is my desired result realistic? (Photo)

Here's a morph I made of my chin and the desired and not desired result, I know my chin is weak but I don't want any bone cutting/S.G., Is the desired... READ MORE

What can I do about getting my chin implant removed? (photos)

Please help. I paid to have a chin implant removed, but I am 100% sure the doctor put a smaller implant in. What can I do? I am extremely upset. My... READ MORE

What do I need to achieve this? (photos)

I know I need a rhinoplasty and am planning on getting one this summer, however I don't know if that's all I need to get my desired look. I love faces... READ MORE

Is it a big deal to change chin and jaw implants to slightly smaller ones if you decide the ones you have are slightly too big?

I want the bigger ones and I think they will be fine but there is a chance it will be a bit too much augmentation. Would there be any problem having... READ MORE

Should I remove chin implant or get smaller one? (photos)

I am only 2 weeks out on a chin implant post op. It is way to rounded and has created a shelf under my lip. I wanted it out immediately but the... READ MORE

Can a jaw augmentation and chin implant make my face look smaller? Can I do lifting and a nose job at the same time?

I want to have a perfect jaw line and chin like a V shape and a perfect nose , i hate the fact that my face is too big and i feel that with the jaw... READ MORE

Will jaw implants make my mouth look smaller?

I have an overly wide mouth and a fairly weak jaw. I'm wondering if small jaw implants might give me a more oval face and make my mouth look smaller. READ MORE

I'm unsure if my implant was right for me. Should this be smaller? (Photo)

I got a chin implant four weeks ago and rhinoplasty as well and the chin looks great from a profile view but not so much from the front. It looks a... READ MORE

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