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Chin Implants Sizes

Could you help me understand the sizing system for chin implants? My wife had breast aug and it was really simple to understand sizing in that case. I... READ MORE

My Doctor Suggested a Large Chin Implant for Me, is This a Good Size? (photo)

I am scheduled for surgery next week, and I did question my surgeon's decision to use a large, I don't want to look boxy, or manly but he said... READ MORE

Chin... Size 1 Vs. Size 2 For Male Looking To Keep The Procedure a Secret. (photo)

I live in a conservative place where I can tell people I had a deviated septum to get away with the rhinoplasty. But, if people knew I had a chin... READ MORE

Chin Implant Sizes?

Greetings. I was wondering why are chin implant are so small, the largest offering horizontal projection increase by only 10mm? How could such a tiny... READ MORE

I Am Getting a Terino Square Chin Style 2 Implant..but What Size? (photo)

One of the reasons I like the terino 2 is because of the wings. Large and the XL have a 1 cm difference in the wing length. Which to me is a big... READ MORE

Is There More Risk with Bigger Chin Implant Than Small One?

And is it possible to have a big chin implant without making a chin/face look longer? READ MORE

Should I Go for a Smaller Chin Implant?

I have had a chin operation 3 weeks ago. Just after waking up I felt the left side of my chin swollen, and for the next 10 days, I had a LOT of pain.... READ MORE

28-year-old with a receding chin. Would chin implants improve my profile better than braces? What size would be ideal? (Photo)

I have short and receding chin, dentist said I need to remove 4 teeth and wear braces for about 2 years. But I am thinking about chin implant. I am... READ MORE

Is Recovery Easier when Having a Small Chin Implant (3mm) Compared to Larger Implants?

I'm a 28 year old woman having a 3mm medpor chin implant with shaved wings inserted under the chin in October. I have seen some horror stories... READ MORE

I had a short, no wings silicone chin implant 8 weeks ago that is way too big, can I have a revision to go XS?

Implant is WAY too big, it gives witches chin effect. I had a weak chin & wanted a subtle improvement. The implant does not sit in line with my face &... READ MORE

What size/type of chin implant should I consider? (Photo)

I understand that my chin is weak and that it could be improved with a chin implant. Based on my photos, what size & type of implant would you... READ MORE

Would Like Your Opinion On Which Size Of Chin Implant Is Best For Me (photo)

Hi All. i am 28yrs old male and looking for a chin implant. I think I will need them if I want a better profile. Im posting my pic for a better... READ MORE

What is the biggest off the shelf chin implant suitable for women? (photo)

What is the biggest off the shelf chin implant suitable for women? Flowers mandibular glove XL? I had a large implant ( i believe an extended... READ MORE

Optimal Size of Chin Implant in my Case and Double Chin Correction and Its Impact on Face Size? (photo)

I soon am going for Rhinoplasty and now I think I should get chin augmentation also at the same time. Just want to know approximately what size of... READ MORE

Should the Doctor Have Known What Size Chin Implant to Place on Me?

I had a chin implant and it went really bad. The size is definitely not correct and the doctor is know finally agreeing with me. Shouldn't he have... READ MORE

Wondering if I'd be a good candidate for a chin implant? (Photo)

I'm finally seriously considering a chin implant and would like to get others opinions on whether it really is a good idea and not some horrible... READ MORE

Is something wrong with my chin implant 6 days post-op? (Photo)

This is an extra large chin implant. What happened to my chin? My side profile is definitely improving as you can see the chin being strong, but the... READ MORE

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