Silicone Implant + Chin Implant

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Bone Erosion Associated with Silastic Chin Implant

Hi, i wish to have a silicone chin implant procedure to correct a mild weak chin but my main concern after reading on the subject is the "bony... READ MORE

Can a Silicone Jaw Implant become Infected or Rejected After Many Years?

Although are medpore better? i heard that they do scare tissues. I have butt implants rejection 4 months ago, is it likely to happend with silicone... READ MORE

How Will a Chin Implant Feel?

If you get a silicone chin implant, will it feel like bone when you touch your chin? Can you "wiggle" it or does it feel actually connected to the... READ MORE

Can a Silicone Chin Implant Be Secured with Screws?

I have decided to have a chin implant. the issue for me is that i am a boxer, and realistically, i am not going to stop boxing afterwards so it would... READ MORE

Breakdown of Suture Line Intraoral Chin Implant? (photo)

I am 9 days post op for an intraoral silicone chin implant. Been brushing teeth and using mouthwash frequently. The suture line is breaking down in... READ MORE

Can Silicone Implants Affect Hormone Levels?

Hi,I'm a men 22 years,I have a silicon chin implant,I was very preocupied when I listen something about the problems silicon implants can give for... READ MORE

What Size Chin Implant? (photo)

I had a consultation recently for a chin augmentation and the doctor recommended a female size large silicone implant. I think I am a little freaked... READ MORE

Getting A Chin Implant, Will A Corset Platysmaplasty Add Definition To My Jaw Line? (photo)

I am 30 years old with a recessed chin and a poorly defined jawline. I've decided to move forward with chin augmentation -- silicon implant,... READ MORE

Infrequent Tingling Sensation After Chin Implants

Hi, Is it normal to have tingling sensation in chin after 3 years of silicone chin implants ? I get them occasionaly. There is no pain or numbness and... READ MORE

Extremely Uncommon Reaction to Chin Augmentation: May Have Allergic Reaction to Silicon? (photo)

Silicon Chin Implant. 3 weeks after swelling went down, face swelled up again. Assumed infection. Went on antibiotics. Swelling went down as expected... READ MORE

Pain 2 Months After Chin Implant While Smiling, Has It Hit A Nerve?

I had a silicone chin implant placed 8 weeks ago which was fixated via two titanium skews. The results look good, however, I have pain on one side of... READ MORE

Does my Chin Implant Need Correction? (photo)

I had a silicone implant inserted almost 2.5 months ago. I find that when I smile, it appears it is flat and raised or too high. Is it possible to... READ MORE

Chin Implant Slipping?

Hi! Im 10 days post op and I have a silicone implant with wings put in. Yesterday when I was eating some food i suddenly felt like one of the wings... READ MORE

How Many Cm Should my Chin Implant Be? (photo)

I got a chin implant 3 months ago & It's an improvement but not what I expected. The implant is too small & I discussed this with my surgeon... READ MORE

Chin Implant Placed Too High and Revison W/same Result. - Is There a Solution?

Chin was done thru the mouth...I would like to know if you can lower implant and use a screw to fix in place? I have a silcone implant. READ MORE

Chin Implant - Tight 8 Months Post Op? (photo)

I got small silicone chin implant 8 months ago. It is still tight, and I cannot smile the same as before. My bottom lip does noe move as far down. I... READ MORE

Resorption from Silicone Chin Implant?

Hi guys, so I'm considering a chin implant however I have a few worries about resorption. I read that 1-2mm resorption is common. If I get a chin... READ MORE

Lip numbness 5 days after after Chin Augmentation with silicone implant. (photo)

5 days have passed since chin augmentation with a silicone implant, but i don't feel any touches and pain(checked with a needle) in the specified area... READ MORE

I Had a Large Silicone Chin Implant Placed 4 Weeks Ago and I'm Unsure if It's Too Small? (photo)

I'm wondering whether it might have been better for the my surgeon to use an extra large implant. Post surgery he told me had tried a medium and it... READ MORE

I want to remove my 13-year-old chin implant. Now what?

I am a 36-year-old female and I had a medium sized silicon chin implant put in about 13-years-ago. The incision was made under my chin. To be honest I... READ MORE

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