Silastic + Chin Implant

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Are silastic implants better than porex (Medpor) implants?

Hi, I would like to know if silastic implants are better than porex (Medpor) implants. What about bone erosion ? Will I have to change my implant in... READ MORE

Silastic Chin Implant - Long-Term Expectations?

My implant is silastic and the largest available#4. It increased the chin projection by 9mm. A cuff of periosteum was left between bone and implant... READ MORE

I Think my Silastic Chin Implant Shifted Slightly when I Bumped It at About 4 Weeks Post-op, but Dr Maintains It Didn't Move?

I am 6 weeks post-op now, and at 4 weeks post-op I bumped the right side of my chin against my girlfriend's shoulder... hard and direct enough to... READ MORE

Bone resorption with Chin Implants, Medpor vs Silastic?

As a young patient I am concerned by the long term consequences that might surface with a chin implant 40-60 years in the future. Among the issues I... READ MORE

Silastic Chin Implant - CT Scan Report

I recently underwent a CT scan due to some pain and numbness associated with a silastic chin implant. An explanation of these findings would be... READ MORE

Chin Implant looks/feels strange. Could it be placed too high or have moved up from its original position?

Hello, I am concerned about my silastic chin implant. The implant was placed intra-orally and seems to be placed too high or it moved up from its'... READ MORE

Is Medpor Implant Usually Put Through the Mouth and Silastic Put Through Under the Chin??

What i understood is, if medpor implant is opted, the incision will be through the mouth and if silastic is the choice, incision will be under the... READ MORE

I'm 25 y/o male. I had Chin implant w/ wrong material used; porex instead of silastic. Any suggestions?

I have a big problem & I'm unsure how to address it w/my dr. He gave me a 8-9mm porex chin implant. In the consult, the Dr. said I'd get a porex... READ MORE

Chin implant: under or above the periosteum?

Referring to silastic implants, I read that placing it under the periosteum will help secure the implant in place without a screw. However, when... READ MORE

Are there options as far as shape goes or do they come in only a few standard sizes and shapes? (Photos)

As a woman, I'm concerned with having something that actually fits my unique face and features, rather than a one-size-fits all type of deal. Are... READ MORE

Do I need projection and length or just one of the two? (Photos)

Trying to determine if an implant will give me the desired results. Genioplasty is not an option for me financially or the time needed off work/nature... READ MORE

Do silastic chin implants always need revising? I have read it's standard procedure to make adjustments.

Can it not be done correctly the first time and in such a way that will last a lift time? READ MORE

How best to remove a 12mm silastic chin implant & large screw 2 years post op without replacement? (photo)

I had an 8mm chin implant for 1.5 years, revised to a 12mm implant for the last 5 months. My smile is totally messed up from the first implant and I... READ MORE

Silastic implant over porex implant?

Hi. Would be grateful if you could respond my simple question, for which I canĀ“t find answer anywhere else. I have a porex chin implant (2 years ago) ... READ MORE

Can any hyaluronic acid fillers be effective at increasing anterior projection of male chin?

I would like to "try on" a silastic chin implant and would like to know if any Hyaluronic acid fillers, such as juvederm voluma, can be effective for... READ MORE

Pain one year after chin implant?

I had an silastic implant inserted from under the chin one year ago. I still have pain one the right side where the wing are. It only hurts when I... READ MORE

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