Silastic + Chin Implant

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Are silastic implants better than porex (Medpor) implants?

Hi, I would like to know if silastic implants are better than porex (Medpor) implants. What about bone erosion ? Will I have to change my implant in... READ MORE

Silastic Chin Implant - Long-Term Expectations?

My implant is silastic and the largest available#4. It increased the chin projection by 9mm. A cuff of periosteum was left between bone and implant... READ MORE

I Think my Silastic Chin Implant Shifted Slightly when I Bumped It at About 4 Weeks Post-op, but Dr Maintains It Didn't Move?

I am 6 weeks post-op now, and at 4 weeks post-op I bumped the right side of my chin against my girlfriend's shoulder... hard and direct enough to... READ MORE

Silastic Chin Implant - CT Scan Report

I recently underwent a CT scan due to some pain and numbness associated with a silastic chin implant. An explanation of these findings would be... READ MORE

Bone resorption with Chin Implants, Medpor vs Silastic?

As a young patient I am concerned by the long term consequences that might surface with a chin implant 40-60 years in the future. Among the issues I... READ MORE

Is Medpor Implant Usually Put Through the Mouth and Silastic Put Through Under the Chin??

What i understood is, if medpor implant is opted, the incision will be through the mouth and if silastic is the choice, incision will be under the... READ MORE

I'm 25 y/o male. I had Chin implant w/ wrong material used; porex instead of silastic. Any suggestions?

I have a big problem & I'm unsure how to address it w/my dr. He gave me a 8-9mm porex chin implant. In the consult, the Dr. said I'd get a porex... READ MORE

Chin Implant looks/feels strange. Could it be placed too high or have moved up from its original position?

Hello, I am concerned about my silastic chin implant. The implant was placed intra-orally and seems to be placed too high or it moved up from its'... READ MORE

Chin implant: under or above the periosteum?

Referring to silastic implants, I read that placing it under the periosteum will help secure the implant in place without a screw. However, when... READ MORE

Do silastic chin implants always need revising? I have read it's standard procedure to make adjustments.

Can it not be done correctly the first time and in such a way that will last a lift time? READ MORE

Silastic implant over porex implant?

Hi. Would be grateful if you could respond my simple question, for which I canĀ“t find answer anywhere else. I have a porex chin implant (2 years ago) ... READ MORE

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