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Small Chin Implant Worth It?

I'm thinking of getting a small/size 1 implant... that's what's been recommenced to me. However ratings/patient reviews for chin implants... READ MORE

Are Mandibular Jaw Implants Rare?

Hello! As I researched mandibular jaw implants (which I find to yield amazing results) I couldn't help but notice that they are far less common than,... READ MORE

Swelling from Chin Implant

I had a chin implant over a year ago and my right side chin area and lip are still swollen.  What is the problem and what can bedone eliminate... READ MORE

Misshapen Lip After Chin Implant

My lower lip is misshapen and also pushed it upwards so that my smile no longer shows bottom teeth. It's been a year since my chin implant. I had a... READ MORE

How Do Chin Implants Change the Shape of the Face?

What are the common side effects of having a chin implant? READ MORE

Can a Chin Implant Make Facial Muscle Cramps Worse?

It is very common for me to get muscle cramps right underneath my chin. The muscles there just ball up and hurt and then I rub the cramp out. Will the... READ MORE

Can Silicone Implants Affect Hormone Levels?

Hi,I'm a men 22 years,I have a silicon chin implant,I was very preocupied when I listen something about the problems silicon implants can give for... READ MORE

2 Weeks After Chin Implant Removal, Right Side of Mouth is Really Tight, Will this Go Away?

Just over 2 weeks post-op, intra-incision. Sensation on my left lower lip is almost fully back, but my right side still feels really tight, probably... READ MORE

Is it Possible to Achieve a More Masculine Appearance with Jaw Advancement Surgery?

What are the differences between the jaw advancement and chin augmentation in terms of side effects and costs? READ MORE

Bone Erosion(resorption) Associated with Chin Implants, Does this Happen Every Time?

Greetings. As I understand, the placement of chin implants is usually followed by some degree of erosion of the chin bone. Does it occur with all... READ MORE

Chin Augmentation, Chin Liposuction Lumps? Bumps?

I am 18 year old and I'm booked to have surgery soon. I am getting a medium anatomical chin implant & chin liposuction. I've done some research... READ MORE

What happens if I get a chin implant and then remove it later in life?

Then later in life i remove it. Will i still look the same when i didn't had and will there be scares, and also whats the side effect of chin implants. READ MORE

Chin Implant. Concerned about the long-term side effects (Photo)

Can anyone tell me her chin is due too much excessive chin filler injection or its a chin implant that has shifted over the years that resulted as... READ MORE

chin implant information

Chin implant surgery after three years,still stiches and little irritation and numbness in teeth .what if i dont prefer a surgery for correction .is... READ MORE

I need a strong jawline. What would be best for me jaw implants or fat transfer? (photos)

I want permanent results ...cost effective ...less side effects like bone resorption.. READ MORE

Potential side-effects of nerve being cut from chin implant surgery?

I'm considering having a chin implant added and I've been made aware of the fact that nerve damage is possible, yet highly unlikely. With this in... READ MORE

How soon after a rhinoplasty can a sliding genioplasty be performed?

Please don't tell me these should be ideally performed at the same time - I understand that. I'm curious what the actual restriction is for doing a... READ MORE

Antibiotics after chin implant: How much is too much?

I was prescribed Augmentin 1 gm for a week following my chin implant, as well as 5 days of Tavanic 500 mg. Now the doctor wants to put me on another 5... READ MORE

Can chin implant surgery could result in changes of the shape of the mouth and lips (as a side effect) - is this common?

I had a medium size silicone chin implant in 2010. Soon after the operation I noticed the change in the shape of my lips and the mouth. My smile now... READ MORE

Are there supposed to be any painful side effects 14 months post op of chin implant removal? Is this nerve damage?

Chin implant placed via under the chin incision on June 2014. It was removed August 2014 due to major tightness and associated pain. Prior to chin... READ MORE

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