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Can Shaving Cause a Chin Implant to Shift?

A week ago I had chin implant surgery overseas. I read online that shaving is okay after a few days but decided to leave it for a week to be on the... READ MORE

Shaving Chin Implant So Face Isn't As Long?

Hi had a chin implant 3 weeks ago and it's made my face look very long. my surgeon has given option of removal or shaving it. I have a medpor implant... READ MORE

Should you shave before a chin implant surgery?

I am wondering if doctor's prefer the patient shaving their beard for a chin augmentation procedure or if they are able to work around it. Is having... READ MORE

Medpor chin implant - removal vs. shaving? (3+ years) And which results in less swelling?

Hi, I had a Medpor medium chin implant placed around 3.5 years ago. I loved it and I love it now, but I am now receiving appliances that will bring my... READ MORE

Can nicking my chin while shaving lead to an infection if I have a chin implant?

I have had a chin implant for almost 3 months. Shaving hasn't been difficult, but I always try to be extra careful around my chin in order not to cut... READ MORE

I want a more feminine face. Do I need jaw shaving or a chin implant? (Photo)

I feel my face is not feminine enough. I especially dislike the lower half and harsh square shape. I've had a rhinoplasty, and some fillers and Botox... READ MORE

Oversized chin implant. Can I have it shaved down or replaced?

About 7 months ago I had a chin implant surgery done. There was a lot of swelling for a while and most of it is gone but I was told it could take up... READ MORE

Chin implant removal - 3rd surgery safe? Such short time/opening the same wound/future side effects on face? (photo)

I'm 41. Month and a half ago i had a chin implant. It shifted due to bleeding and I had a revision a month after. It has been 15 days, seems uneven... READ MORE

Can mandible lower jawline shaving be done at the same time of a chin implant to obtain the jawline I want? (Photos)

I have none fullness in my lower jawline which looks gives the illusion of Jowls which I don't have as I'm only 24. I also have a slightly weak chin.... READ MORE

When can I start shaving post chin implant surgery?

I had chin implant surgery recently where a medium implant was placed in a precise pocket under the chin (sub-mental). I am 12 days post operation and... READ MORE

What will be the best treatment for a more sculptured jawline? (photo)

Hi I'm a female who feels my lower half of my face is not 'technically beautiful'. I have just had rhinoplasty and now I'm researching whether to have... READ MORE

Is shaving the chin implant a good decision? (photos)

Hi, It's passed three years of my chin implant, but because it is a littel big for my face and show me older the doctor has decide to shave and make... READ MORE

Can previously inserted Porex jaw angle implants be shaved down?

I had jaw angle implants inserted 5 years ago, but the corners are very sharp and edgy and I think it's too masculine. I will get my chin reshaped, is... READ MORE

Do I need a chin implant or jaw/chin shaving?

I already have jaw Botox frequently to slim my square jaw down but I still have quite a square jaw. Id like a oval face shape. What would you... READ MORE

Jaw line has no definition - options? Am I candidate for jaw shaving or chin implant? Help!! (photo)

I am really bothered about my lower face and jaw area. My face is a rather long oval shape and the roundness of my jaw area is accentuating that. I am... READ MORE

I want removal of chin implant, and a chin & jaw shaving. Would I need to get the implant removed in a separate surgery? (Photo)

Want a more femine face shape that isn't so long. Would I need to have the implant taken out in a separate surgery or is there a possibility of doing... READ MORE

Weak chin and not much definition in jaw line, what are my options? (Photos)

I've been insecure about my profile my entire life.. my back looks hunched with a weird neck shape in the front. Not sure if this is caused by a weak... READ MORE

Can touching the chin implant area cause it to move?

I had surgery a week ago( 8 days now). Would touching the chin implant area cause it to move? When can I shave post a chin implant ? (My surgeon said... READ MORE

2nd chin implant revision? 2nd surgery in 2011. Bone growth shaved down from first implant and replaced with "chin cap" implant.

Uneven results and some loss of movement in chin muscle and lower lip. Large scar and a lot of tightness. Implant is not correct for my face,... READ MORE

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