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Fat Removal Around Jaw Line for Chubby Face?

I have an incredibly round and chubby face. I've had buccal fat taken out and I've had cheek implants. I still feel that whenever I smile my... READ MORE

Different types of chin implants?

I'm interested in getting a chin implant to enhance a weak chin. I also would like my jaw to be enhanced as well, and I was wondering if a chin... READ MORE

Is There Any Surgery or Treatment to Make a Wide Face More Narrow and Oval Shaped? (photo)

My face is widest near my cheekbones and at the temples of my face but I have a small jawline so this is excluding any jaw surgery. I have looked into... READ MORE

Chin Augmentation Without Deeping Labiomental Fold

I'm considering a chin augmentation and would prefer an implant over bone cutting. My picture shows unedited(A), ideal results(B), and unfavorable... READ MORE

1 Month After Implantech Chin Implant, Unhappy With the Shape. (photo)

1 mo. ago received an Implantech medium ext. anatomical chin implant. Based on specs, the small is only .5 mm smaller in projection but smaller all... READ MORE

I want to change my chin shape, is that possible? (photo)

When I smile my chin is a bit pointy and flat. However, I was wondering if its possible to make it more square? Like Marilyn Monroe or Rachel Mcadams... READ MORE

Is there a difference in Shape of Chin Implant between Medpor and Implantech?

In terms of shape, does a Medpor chin implant differ greatly from an Implantech extended anatomical? I think an Implantech would give me a more... READ MORE

Chin implants and face shape?

To what degree do most chin implants help make the face more triangular? I have a fairly wide cheekbones are wider than my temples...and... READ MORE

Im Looking to Get a Chin Implant. Is a V Shaped Chin the Most Attractive?

I seen seen girls with V shaped chin as your would say they look kinda V shaped they most most attractive is that true? READ MORE

Why don't doctors use button chin implants anymore?

I just got a wing style implant and it has rounded/widened my face. I would like to have this replaced with a button implant but am finding the... READ MORE

Does the Chin Take on the Shape of the Implant?

I'm only 2 weeks post-op, but much of the initial swelling has subsided. I'm happy with the placement and projection, but my chin looks square from... READ MORE

Implants Left my Chin with a "Square" Look VS Its Original Dainty Round Appearance That Went with my Face Shape?

5 yrs ago I had a chin implant put in for my slightly recessive chin. Over one year the doctor tried 3 different implants....all too big & square... READ MORE

I got a chin implant. Help! Why does my face look like a cereal box? (Photo)

.Im very scared i think im regreting the procedure. My cheeks are very swollen . I look like frankestein. Why does my face looks like a cereal... READ MORE

V Shaped Chin Revision Options? (photo)

What are the best options to achieved feminine v shaped chin? The chin implant I had made the chin looks wide, squarish, masculine. Replace the... READ MORE

Which Chin Implant shape do you consider the most suited for my lower face ? (photo)

I'm going to have a chin implant surgery in a month. I've already decided for a Terino Extended Anatomical (Medium) but I'd like to change it with a... READ MORE

How can a chin implant be placed on the mandible to avoid adding vertical height? (photo)

I want my chin to project horizontally, curving upwards slightly. I do not want vertical height added to my chin because this would make my face to... READ MORE

Jaw and Chin Implants for a Round/heartshaped Face?

I was considering getting decent-sized jaw and chin implants to give more balance to the lower third of my face. My cheekbones are high and prominent,... READ MORE

Bad chin implant? 9 days post-op looks long/asymmetric. Doesn't feel swollen. Surely final shape can't change so much? (Photo)

28y/o male (Thai/German). Had silicon chin op (internal incision) alongside forehead/temple fat graft + downturned lips fixed. Extremely worried about... READ MORE

How Does a Chin Implant Affect Face Shape?

Does a chin implant change the shape of your face from front on or from a profile view? READ MORE

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