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When is It Safe to Put Makeup on Chin Augmentation Scar?

My scar from my chin augmentation is very noticeable. At what point can I start putting concealer on it? Thank you. READ MORE

How to Improve Chin Implant Scar After Removal?

I had my chin implant removed 5 years ago. The implant was in for 6 months before I had it removed because it was too big. It has been quite some... READ MORE

What Can I Tell my Coworkers About my Chin Implant and Surgery?

I am planning to have a chin augmentation, and I am really concerned on what to tell my coworkers and employer. I would have to do it on a Thursday,... READ MORE

Intraoral Scar from Chin Implant - Mentalis Muscle Resuspension? (photos)

Last year i had a intramural chin implant removed. Since then, the inside of my bottom lip sticks to my bottom gum. The best way i can describe it is... READ MORE

Chin Implant Revision - Scar Placement?

I just did my chin implant on 9 Oct 2010, I find it too big as the doc used a "large" size for my face. I wish to go for a revision on 31st... READ MORE

What Are These 2 White Pimples on the Scar of my Chin Implant? Pls. Help

I had my chin implant about a month and a half ago. It healed nicely. Today I noticed 2 white pimples on top of the scar. Could it be from the sun or... READ MORE

Chin implant removed after 6 months. What is the best outcome in a case like mine regarding a saggy skin?(photos)

I am going to remove a chin implant I had put 6 months ago. My surgeon suggested to wait te time. I am 33 yr and my question is what is the best... READ MORE

I'm having a Chin implant. Will the incision and scar be visible & obvious?

Dear doctor, I am really confused. Willing to make a chin implant,however, i want the incision to be from outside trying to avoid infection but... READ MORE

Chin Implant Scar. Recommendations For Preventing Thin Looking Lips Post Op?

I consider having a chin implant but have read about the scar inside the mouth being too tight så the lower lip is pulled in, making it thinner.... READ MORE

I want to remove my 13-year-old chin implant. Now what?

I am a 36-year-old female and I had a medium sized silicon chin implant put in about 13-years-ago. The incision was made under my chin. To be honest I... READ MORE

Scar Capsule After Chin Implant Removal?

I am thinking of having a medium sized chin implant removed that was placed 2 months ago. I have been reading that the left behind scar capsule can... READ MORE

I want a bigger size chin implant. If I get a large one, will the scar move up? Will they have to make a second cut?

I have a meduim size chin implant right now if I get a large will the scar move up ? And will they have to make a second cut READ MORE

Calcification of seroma or scar tissue which is most likely happening in my situation and what are treatment options?

2 weeks out from chin implant removal(it was only in there for a week)trying to figure out if this hardening under my chin near incision site and... READ MORE

Subtle, small chin implant? Scar? Recovery time?

Hi! I am thinking about getting a small chin implant for my otherwise perfect face (kidding!) but I want to know--will my boyfriend notice? (esp if we... READ MORE

How will a chin implant affect the skin on my chin?

I have a 1.5 inch scar on the front of my chin. I got scar revision surgery on it several years ago however, it's still noticeable to an extent when... READ MORE

After chin implant removal, how long should I wait to get fillers?

I just had my chin implant removed one week ago( no infection). I wonder how long should I wait for the scar and tissue to settle before I can get... READ MORE

Chin implant too big? (Photos)

I got a chin implant 9 days ago and I didn't know my doctor put a medium chin and to me looks too big for my face it ever rolls up making my... READ MORE

Is it worth the risk? Is this way outdated? How does the no screw thing sound?

Hello! I am scheduled to have a chin implant with lipo in January and my surgeon does the intra oral route. He feels the scar is too big for such... READ MORE

I am thinking about getting a chin implant. (Photo)

I have a scar on my chin from my childhood and you can notice it when my face is resting but not really when I smile. I'm thinking the implant will... READ MORE

Any suggestions on Chin Implant scar?

I'm received a chin implant last year and I'm may have it removed to have jaw surgery (for more projection). The submittal approach was used so I have... READ MORE

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