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Is Chin Implant with Liposuction Dangerous?

I am researching the procedure as well as doctors in both Dallas and NYC for a chin implant, and maybe a little liposuction under the chin. Anyway,... READ MORE

Is There More Risk with Bigger Chin Implant Than Small One?

And is it possible to have a big chin implant without making a chin/face look longer? READ MORE

5 Weeks Post Op Chin Implant and Lipo Cheeks /neck is It Safe to Remove This HUGE Chin?

I really hate this chin! Is 6 wks too soon or too late? There is also a superficial abcess I only wanted a neck lift to remove sagging skin in my neck... READ MORE

Can I Get a Chin Augmentation if I Have Keloids?

I was looking to get a chin augmentation done, but the problem is that I have keloids, one of my doctors thinks. I attached a picture of the Keloid... READ MORE

What Are the Most Effective Chin Implants?

I'm considering a chin implant and have seen two surgeons. One specialisies in silicone implants one in gore tex. I want a small implant with wings to... READ MORE

Safe For My Doctor To Be Re-Using the Chin Implant With A Different Placement?

My PS had to remove my implant coz it was a bigger size and my stitches wont heal,kept loosening( she put it from inside my mouth, 9 MM POREX ). So... READ MORE

How comfortable are jaw implants? How safe are they? How long have they existed?

Have there been any studies and follow-ups with people who have had them for several years? thanks. READ MORE

Is the chin silicone implant safe? (Photo)

How long the china silicone implant last in the body? READ MORE

What chin implant materials are probably safer than others?

Had jaw reduction.The surgeon took off about 4 millimeters! of my chin,as examined on CT scan. Now my excess chin skin dips under my chin bone.Now 2... READ MORE

Jaw implants to lower the jaw line? (Photo)

I've been on a couple of consultations and it seems every Dr. uses the standard jaw angle implants (as shown in the picture attached). These implants... READ MORE

How safe are jaw implants?

I was wandering how safe are jaw implants? Are they as safe as chin implants or as dangerous as breast implants? I tried searching and tried asking... READ MORE

I have a receding chin/weak chin/no chin at all. What is the safest, most cost effective solution for this? (Photo)

My receding chin keeps getting worse as I get older/gain weight. I've read reviews on chin augmentation, implants, and liposuction of the chin. Each... READ MORE

Chin implant/jaw angle implants: How many years will these implants lasts/be safe in people's faces?

1.What can doctors do to help minimise chances of infection when it comes to inserting chin or jaw angle implants?(Read doctors soak implants in... READ MORE

Chin implant for round face/

I am Asian and I am going to have my chin implant done. The doctor I am going to use, he said he will use mersilene mesh for my chin because I only... READ MORE

Can I get a chin implant, buccal fat removal, neck lipo, and fat grafting under the eyes all in one day?

I want to get multiple face procedures done, however do i have to wait a few weeks for each procedure or can i do it all at the same time???? READ MORE

Jaw Implant VS Hydroxyapetite. I've seen a good result with the permanent paste stuff. Is it safe? Does it last?

Hi, I'm just looking to know which would be the better option, I'm in Europe and there aren't as many doctors who offer implants, but I've seen a good... READ MORE

Chin implant removal - 3rd surgery safe? Such short time/opening the same wound/future side effects on face? (photo)

I'm 41. Month and a half ago i had a chin implant. It shifted due to bleeding and I had a revision a month after. It has been 15 days, seems uneven... READ MORE

Is a chin implant natural?

I would like to get a chin implant for the side profile of my face, i hear chin implants are relatively quick and safe so it doesn't look fake, is... READ MORE

5-FU against scar tissue around chin implant?

Hallo. I have a Medpor chin implant with lots of scar tissue/adhesions around the right half which is causing intermittent numbness and lack of motor... READ MORE

Cosmetic Surgery in Poland? Is it the same as UK despite lower costs?

Hi, over the next couple of years I have a few cosmetic procedures to tick off my list which are: nostril correction chin implant labiaplasty nipple... READ MORE

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