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Chin Augmentation ~ Results you can Expect?

A list...telling advantages of a chin implant for augmenting. my chin is so lacking in definition! READ MORE

How Long Does my Chin Take to Go Back to Its Original Shape After Chin Implant Removal?

I had a chin implant a few years back. i was never 100% happy with it because it gave me an egg-like look on my chin. A few years later, i received... READ MORE

Chin Implant Results ~ What to Expect?

Just wondering how to set my expectations about a chin implant procedure READ MORE

Can I Get A Subtle Chin Implant Without People Knowing?

Ive been thinking of getting a chin implant to make a subtle difference in my chin. I really don't want anyone to know cause im a little... READ MORE

How Much Augmentation is Possible with Chin Implants?

I come across several commercial manufacturers of chin implants that state they can provide up to 12-13 mm of projection. Is having such an implant... READ MORE

If I have a 1.5 Year Old Chin Implant Removed Will Face Return to Its Original Shape?

I feel that my smile is unnatural and my bottom lip looks too tight. I feel I've given enough time to adjust to it and am just not that pleased.... READ MORE

Chin Implant Too Small

I did get a chin implant back in April 6, 2011. Now after some months I’m really not satisfied with the result. I have a really weak chin, and... READ MORE

Is This Type of Chin Implant / Outcome Possible?

Hi, I was wondering from the pictures I posted if an implant would realistically be able to achieve a similar look I posted and appear completely... READ MORE

Can a Chin Implant Help to Create What Would Appear to Be a Longer Jawline?

I like the size of my chin as in I dont want it any larger, I would just like to have a longer chin therefore appearing as if i have a longer jawline.... READ MORE

How Long Do I Have to Wait to See the Final Results of a Chin Implant?

How long do I have to wait to see the final results of a chin implant? READ MORE

What to Do After Bad Rhinoplasty and Chin Implant Surgery?

I had a doctor in Argentina who is the doctor for the Argentinian football team provide me with a rhinoplasty and chin implant. I was referred by a... READ MORE

My chin still looks weak. What is the best course of action for someone unsatisfied with the results of their chin implant? (pho

I have always been unhappy with my jawline, so I decided to have chin surgery. I consulted a surgeon dentist, who told me orthognathic surgery... READ MORE

Chin implant on a convex chin? (Photo)

I am considering a chin implant, I am concerned that adding a implant will create a deeper lip-chin sulcus than I have already . Would I achieve... READ MORE

Chin implant revision? (Photos)

I'm in my early 20s and got a chin implant last year and am unhappy with the results. Now it looks too small, unequal, and does not fix my jowl issues... READ MORE

Chin augmentation - implant or sliding genioplasty? (photos)

Hello. I am looking into getting a chin augmentation, in addition to rhinoplasty for bulbous tip/add tip projection. I am aware the two main... READ MORE

How long does a Chin Implant last?

If I get a Chin Implant done, how long will it last? Will the Chin Implant need to ever be replaced, or will the results be permanent? I've also heard... READ MORE

What can I do to get results similar to this? A more defined jawline? (photos)

What can I do to get results similar to this? And I already have a chin-implant but I'm still not satisfied with my jawline READ MORE

Do you think this is a realistic expectation for a chin implant? (photos)

I'm thinking about getting a chin implant or chin fillers. I might get chin fillers temporarily then an implant. I just want to know what to expect so... READ MORE

I'm considering a Chin Implant. Are the results likely to be bad?

I had a Septorhinoplasty in November. My surgeon recommended a chin implant, but I was really hesitant at the time.. for a few reasons. Money, the... READ MORE

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