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Is Chin Implant Replacement Possible?

I had Chin implant surgery in 2005 and was very satisfied with the results. However, since a few years now, I have the impression the implant has... READ MORE

Possible to Adjust a Crooked Chin Implant?

I had a chin implant and neck liposuction 3 years ago and the implant was placed in crooked. The Dr. said that he couldn't see it and to give it... READ MORE

Will Silicon Implant in Chin and Jawline Need Replaced?

Hello i want to make chin and jawline implante that made from silicone but i'm wondering about somthing ,do i need to change the silicon implant... READ MORE

Chin Implant Replaced and Now Limited Lower Lip Movement

About 4 years ago I got a chin implant. The implant was fine but not as large as I hoped for. 3 weeks ago I had the chin implant replaced with an... READ MORE

Can a Jaw Implant Be Done Under a Local Anaesthetic ?

I would consider a jaw implant, but can it be done under a local anesthetic. What type of implant would widen my jaw?, What are the risks and do they... READ MORE

How Easy is It to Replace a Chin Implant?

I'm female and 9 months ago I had a silicone chin implant with wings put in at the suggestion of my surgeon. I only wanted added projection, I... READ MORE

Wanting A Replacement- From Implantech Terino Anatomical Extended to Normal Anatomical Extended? (photo)

I'm a 25 year old male, and I had an Implantech Terino anatomical extended medium implant put in a month ago. I'm not so happy with the result... READ MORE

I Have Had my Chin Implant for 15 Months Now and Been Unhappy from Day 1, Should I Replace or Remove?

My implant is too big.I told my doc as soon as I saw it but he wanted me to wait until the swelling was gone.It's been over a year and I still... READ MORE

Can i replace my exisiting 30 year old chin implant with a new one at the same time?

I think it would be very traumatic to have to wait to replace an existing implant with a new one. i have tried fillers, but they do not last, and can... READ MORE

Downsizing Chin Implant?

Hi, I had a medium Flowers Mandibular Glove chin implant (8mm), and it´s quite big for my face, so I´m going to replace it with a smaller one. I´m in... READ MORE

I plan to remove a "small flower mandibular glove" chin implant with .6cm projection. Is removal or replacement better? (photo)

The glove-chin implant very minimally improved my profile profile, while I no longer like my smile (chin looks too big). I want to take out the... READ MORE

Can Someone Give Me a Ballpark Figure of What It Might Cost to Remove a Chin Implant?

Hello, I had Medepore Chin implant in what will be 5 weeks on Monday May 28, 2011. The doctor said he used the smallest size and trimmed it. To me it... READ MORE

What Types of Chin Implants Are Being Used Today, and Which Would Be the Most Highly Recommended and Why?

Can an old chin implant be removed and the remaining scar tissue left in place and a new implant put in, or must the remaining scar tissue have to be... READ MORE

How to fix a chin implant that is up too high with complications? (photo)

1st implant placed introrally1/13-Dr put in wrong size implant.Put in small even though we agreed on me. 4 mnths later put med implant in, same... READ MORE

What Are the Options of Chin Augmentation Other Than Silicone?

I had a silicon chin implant surgery 4 years ago when I was 18. However there'd been noticeable bone resorption and the result, which was ok during... READ MORE

Will Porex Chin Implant Removal Job Look Unnoticable if Replaced by New Implant?

I got a Porex chin implant two months ago, which I am not very happy about. I want to replace it with a different shape in a few months. With Porex... READ MORE

Can a New Chin Implant Be Placed in the Same Pocket a Previous Implant Moved, Became Infected and Pertruded out the Skin?

A previous im(above) was removed and a new one placed a year later, leaving the old scar tissue sitting atop or in the middle of the new im( that was... READ MORE

Would like to remove or reposition or replace existing chin implant that I had approximately 15 years ago. Advice? (photo)

Had rhinoplasty/chin implant 15 years ago. The doctor also put an implant between my lower lip and chin. Was shocked tosee this and had it taken out... READ MORE

Medpor Chin Implant with 3 Screws Replaced..Bad Idea?

Or is it possible? I had a chin implant, which Im absolutely unhappy with. Its been 3 years and I am going back to the dr to see what my options are... READ MORE

How often do I need to replace my chin implant, or is it permanent? (Photo)

I had a nose job about 3 years ago I wasn't happy with the results at all , the doctor decide that a chin implant will help me to make my face more... READ MORE

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