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Chin Surgery. Is iIt Possible to Implant After A Reduction?

Is it possible to place a chin implant if ive had a chin reduction in the past? i asked my surgeon to have a feminized chin but i think i miss it.... READ MORE

SmartLipo for Face, Chin Implant? (photo)

Hi, If you look at the pics currently my jaw is like the one in the middle. I'd like to get it down to the left or the right (more extreme?) and I was... READ MORE

Need a more prominent chin, rhinoplasty and forehead reduction. I wasn't dealt a very good hand. Or should I say 'face'? (Photo)

With the Rhinoplasty I am concerned with there being extra skin once the nose is made smaller, as it's quite large now. Jaw needs to be brought... READ MORE

How to get a v line face shape? (photos)

What would I need or anyone need to create a v line feminine face shape like the likes of Ariana grande or Elle Howard (pictured) do I get a chin... READ MORE

Will my chin size reduce significantly 11 days post chin implant? (Photo)

I had a medium chin implant placed intraorally 11 days ago as well as neck lipo. Right now i feel like its too big and looks really unnatural. My... READ MORE

Can I get a chin implant with botox jaw reduction?

I want to get both procedures but will the botox jaw reduction make my chin implant shift?? PLEASE HELP. READ MORE

Need suggestion regarding chin implant or lower lip reduction? (photos)

I dont know its my mind playing or its real,I feel like i have a week chin.i had consulted 2 different is saying because of your lower lip... READ MORE

Do i need a chin implant or lower lip reduction? (photos)

My profile looks so ugly. From the side I have the duck effect. Top lip portrudes and lower lip recedes. I have to keep smiling otherwise sometimes to... READ MORE

Jaw angle implants. Will I have a higher risk of infection?

Previously had jaw bone reduction,resulted in over cut jaw angles and sagging. Now need jaw angle implants.Thinking of having intra oral insertion on... READ MORE

Chin implant only? Or reductive rhinoplasty as well? (Photo)

Im in my 20's and I think my profile is not balanced and i would really like to improve my look. READ MORE

I want a lip reduction and a bigger chin. Would sliding genioplasty be better than a implant for me? (photos)

I have really big lips.would lip reduction help with my side profile and not make them stick out so much. Would you recommended a chin implant or... READ MORE

What is the best treatment to define my jawline and chin and reduce my chubby cheeks? (photos)

Dear Doctors I would like to get rid of my double chin (I think I have a weak chin). Could a chin implant be the best option and could it help me to... READ MORE

Ok so on my last post I've had mixed answers if I should get a chin implant or cheek fat reduction & they needed better pics. (p

No that I have multiple pictures do you think my face will look more balanced the older I get & also if I were to lose body fat would it enchance my... READ MORE

Would interproximal reduction, tooth extraction, or a chin implant help my mouth close & improve my profile appearance? (photo)

I'm a teenage girl and had braces for 2.5 years until last year. I chose not to have teeth extracted. Now, I realize I still have an overbite and I... READ MORE

What surgeries would you recommend for a better appearance? (photos)

I want to know if i would benefit more from chin implant or sliding genioplasty to lengthen my chin and to remove cleft also .i want to improve my... READ MORE

Chin reduction or augmentation? (photo)

Hello, I had a chin reduction surgery in May, 2016 in Vienna. My chin used to be full and asymetrical specially when laughing it tilted to the left.... READ MORE

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