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Is the Chin Implant too Big or is It Just Swelling?

Hi im a 19 year old male from sydney,i just had a chin implant and rhinoplasty im happy with the rhinoplasty and understand that it takes 6-12 months... READ MORE

Chin implant made my face long and narrow. Why has there been such a significant decline to my front? (Photo)

I had a chin surgery 2 weeks ago. The implant was an XL extended anatomical with 9mm projection, silicone based and the incision was under the chin. I... READ MORE

What is Considered a Reasonable and Unreasonable Amount of Painkillers to Prescribe?

I had chin implant revision less than a week ago and my doctor refuses to prescribe more pain meds. He originally prescribed 20 5/325 then 10 10/25... READ MORE

No Results on Chin After Chin Implants, Buccal Pad Removal and Neck Lipo?

I got a chin implant, buccal pad removal, & neck lipo about 15 hrs ago. Even though my face is cocooned in a huge head wrapping, i cant see a... READ MORE

Why do doctors prefer extended anatomical chin implants for females? How are they better than regular anatomic implants? (Photo)

I've been researching chin implants for a while now, and it seems that most doctors use Implantech extended anatomic implants. I haven't seen many... READ MORE

Why don't more plastic surgeons offer sliding genioplasty?

I've seen a few plastic surgeons and none of them offered sliding genioplasty, only chin implants. Why is that? Who performs sliding genioplasty?... READ MORE

Chin implant placement. Is there a reason for the surgeon to place it higher on the mandible? (Photo)

Hello, I was wondering, is there a reason for the surgeon to place a chin implant higher on the mandible rather on the very bottom edge? I had a... READ MORE

Why the limit on Implant size?

The limit on chin implants seem to be about 10mm. Why is that? A Dr. on RealSelf recommended someone with a severe chin recession to get a genioplasty... READ MORE

Why did my lower face looks saggy and jowly after silicone chin implant removal which stayed in only 2 days?

I removed my silicone chin implant it was small size 5mm extended anatomical it stayed in only 2days and removed due to not liking. No infection.... READ MORE

Stitches continuously breaking after chin augmentation. (photo)

Hi, ive got a chin silicone implant in Italy, after a week I had to take flight, few days later the stitches broke, now in Abu dhabi I found a surgeon... READ MORE

Does someone have an idea how my face shape become square after small silicone extended anatomical chin implant removal? (Photo)

Implant stayed in only 2days. Removed due to not liking at all. İt had wings but small size 5,5mm implatech extended anatomical type. Incısıon was su... READ MORE

Why does my lower cheek looks heavier, square and 'pulled down' after small extended anatomical chin implant removal? (Photo)

I know keep asking similar questions its because i really want experienced doctors opinions as much as i can. I am currently not in the States, my... READ MORE

Why would my doctor want to go through my mouth to remove implant if he went through chin to put it in? (Photo)

Is it possible for the implant to be pressing on a nerve to cause some of the problems I am having? READ MORE

Why does my chin still swell even after a little running/workout? It's been 5 months since my chin implant removal

My chin still swells after running walking long time or working out. It becomes really uncomfortable. What is the reason and how long will it be like... READ MORE

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