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Is This a Realistic Expectation For A Chin Implant?

Is this a realistic expectation from chin implant surgery? note: i have also removed a bump from my nose with the only changes being placing a... READ MORE

How much chin improvement is realistic for fillers? i.e. How many mm/cm of projection or width is realistic?

If a thick filler is placed into the chin, what sort of limitations does it have before a chin implant is required? If I wanted say 1-1.3 cm of extra... READ MORE

Mentolabial fold and chin augmentation. Is my desired result realistic? (Photo)

Here's a morph I made of my chin and the desired and not desired result, I know my chin is weak but I don't want any bone cutting/S.G., Is the desired... READ MORE

Are the Results of Jaw Surgery Similar to Chin Augmentation?

Looking at her results, could someone get the same results with simple a chin augmentation? or would I need to go for jaw surgery? READ MORE

Is it possible to achieve vertical length with chin implant?

I was told that vertical lengthening is not really addressed by a chin implant. I saw that implatech has a "vertical lenghening" implant. A) does... READ MORE

Jaw/Chin implants, what else would you do? (photos)

Dear Doctors, I would really like to improve my profile to achieve a more classically masculine and balanced look. I am considering a custom... READ MORE

Realistic expectation for chin implant exchange? (photos)

I currently have a medium silicone implant. You can see before and after pictures. It is a good change but I feel like my goal is more the simulated... READ MORE

Do you think this is a realistic expectation for a chin implant? (photos)

I'm thinking about getting a chin implant or chin fillers. I might get chin fillers temporarily then an implant. I just want to know what to expect so... READ MORE

Would I benefit from a chin implant? (Photo)

My complaint is I have a weak jaw line.I thought I was going to want jaw implants. My surgeon said no bc jaw implants would be too masculine.He said a... READ MORE

Am I able to achieve the results I want & are they realistic when it comes to what I can do with surgery to achieve them?(photo)

Photos included of: how I look, the results I want, and my inspiration. What should I do to achieve those results? Are they achieveable, or am I too... READ MORE

Is this before and after of the chin more realistic with a chin implant or sliding genioplasty? (photos)

I recently asked similar question on real self about this, but failed to word it correctly. I am having a few surgeries at once, however I don't want... READ MORE

Is this photoshop realistic, at least for the chin? (Photos)

I did this up in Photoshop, I know there's variables and all that stuff, but is this a realistic goal? READ MORE

Chin implant/lipo realistic expectation. (Photos)

Would this simulation be realistic with an implant and liposuction? READ MORE

Will Chin and/or Jaw Implants define my face? Are the results I want realistic/achievable? What is your professional opinion? (p

I have a very specific idea and vision of the type of look and the results I am trying to achieve with cosmetic surgery, as seen in the photos, . To... READ MORE

Chin implant (submental) - experiencing jaw line pain, numbness, swelling, when will this subside?

2 weeks ago I had Rhino-septoplasty w/a sub-mental chin implant. I am happy w/rhinoplasty & chin implant (smallest one put in). Went back to work... READ MORE

Removed chin implant 2 days after I got it. Will my chin and smile go back ıts pre-op shape?

I got extended ana. Silicone small 5mm chin implant via under chin. I kept ıt only 2 days then removed ıt. There was no infection etc. I dıdnt like th... READ MORE

I have the ugliest smile after chin implant removal. Will it be permanent? I need a realistic opinion.

I got an chin implant via under my chin. Only kept ıt for 2 days. It wasnt ınfected etc. I just didnt like it. It was extended anat. Small 5mm. Its b... READ MORE

Illustration of facial transformation goals: is it possible. Please help. (photos)

I've been embarrassed of my face since I was 10 years old, especially my profile. How realistic are my goals and what are the risks involved? How much... READ MORE

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