Protruding + Chin Implant

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Perioral Mounds, Weak Chin, Bimax Protrusion, What Do You Recommend? (photo)

I have had these "mounds" below the corners of my mouth and above my chin that make it seem like my mouth protrudes. I don't like the... READ MORE

Do I Need Chin Implant Surgery for my Retruded Chin and Protruded Mouth? (photo)

I feel like whenever I look at myself that I barely have a chin and that I have big lips which accentuates my lack of a chin. What surgery exists for me? READ MORE

Unusual Scarring and Protruding Sutures After Chin Implant. Is This Normal? (photo)

I had revision chin implant three weeks after the original one was done. (The first one was mal positioned) This new implant is properly placed but, I... READ MORE

How can a slightly protruding mouth be corrected?

I am an asian female and feel that I have a slightly protruding mouth, but nothing severe or too noticeable. I am just wondering what maxillofacial or... READ MORE

Chin Implants and Rhinoplasty? Which Surgery Would I Benefit from More or Should I Get Both (photo)?

I have a weak chin and i might have a Bimax protrusion will getting a chin implant make my mouth look less protruded? and will it improve the... READ MORE

Just Had Chin Implant - Does Your Bottom Lip and New Protruded Chin Make You Look Like You Have an Underbite?

I just had chin implant surgery on Thursday with a 12mm implant. I have some swelling and when I look in the mirror, I look like I have a slight... READ MORE

Would a chin implant, sliding genioplasty, or braces help resolve my slightly imbalanced jawline? (Photo)

I am generally happy with my facial appearance. When I was younger, I had braces to correct an overbite. The orthodontist told me I had a mandibular... READ MORE

Can you reduce tissue thickness in mouth area? (photo)

I feel like my mouth is protruding from my face. This is due to: Weak cheek area, weak chin, position of the teeth and what I feel to be an excess of... READ MORE

What to do to fix my long face syndrome? (Photo)

I have a weak chin, incompetent lips, protruded lip. I have to strain my lips together to keep them closed. Feel like my nose may have been a... READ MORE

Can a New Chin Implant Be Placed in the Same Pocket a Previous Implant Moved, Became Infected and Pertruded out the Skin?

A previous im(above) was removed and a new one placed a year later, leaving the old scar tissue sitting atop or in the middle of the new im( that was... READ MORE

Chin Implant Sticking out on Left Side

I had a chin implant done a little over 2 weeks ago and I am very unhappy. The implant is protruding out on my left side. While the swelling has gone... READ MORE

Would a chin implant accompanied with the nose job I'm going to get improve my profile? (photo)

First off, I have straight teeth. I don't have an underbite or overbite or anything. I have big lips which I like, but I hate my profile because of my... READ MORE

Can mandibular angle implants push the jaw forward?

I have a protruded jaw with a fairly weak chin. My ideal look is when I push my jaw forward and down, causing a more squared defined jaw. Was... READ MORE

Just had a chin implant with wings but one wing is sticking out?

I had a chin implant 11 days ago and the swelling is basically non existent now but onw of the wings is sticking out. I had thought that the wing was... READ MORE

Would a chin implant improve my side profile, and help minimize the pads under my lips and protrusion of my lips/mouth?

I am wondering if a chin implant would work for me to help improve my side profile. I have never liked my mouth, it's large and I have large teeth and... READ MORE

I am looking at a chin implant but will that stick out too far (and look Masculine) when I smile? (Photo)

I am looking at a chin implant but will that stick out too far (and look Masculine) when I smile? I wonder if Im pushing out my chin on purpose cuz I... READ MORE

I'm considering a chin implant for a more defined jawline but my chin already sticks out. Would this affect my chin at all?

I want to get a chin implant to define my jawline but my chin already sticks out, so are there any other options for a more defined jawline? READ MORE

Worried my chin implant is too large.

I had a medium sized anatomical chin implant 9 days ago and although I very much like the shape it has created I can't help but feel it protrudes too... READ MORE

Is there something wrong with my jaw? Is it too long and is it protruding? (Photo)

Does it need something extra a chin implant wont fix? Also, is it a very masculine jaw or more feminine? (My teeth are being fixed right now) READ MORE

Improving Facial Balance with Chin Implant and Spacing of Front Teeth with Veneers? (photo)

I have a moderate openbite of my front teeth which causes pressure on my lips & makes my lips "protrude" out more than i'd like.... READ MORE

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