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Silicon chin implanted 20 years ago causing bone erosion: What should I do? (Photo)

I had a silicone chin implanted 20 years ago. As I would like to have it changed for a bigger one I went to consult a ps. He told he has never seen... READ MORE

Is my Chin in Proportion with my Face? (photo)

I was doing a project on the ideal face, and one thing I could not figure out was if my chin was in proportion with the rest of my face? If not, I'd... READ MORE

My Chin Implant Looks Too Big and Not in Proportion to my Face? (photo)

I am 10 days post op and my chin looks too big. Surgeon used a medpor implant and it was done through a cut under my worried it's too big!... READ MORE

What do you recommend for my face shape to make it look more proportional? (photo)

I am self conscious about my face and cheeks. I feel that it is not proportional and I am not happy with the excessive fat or muscle tissue... READ MORE

What are the chin proportions for men?

I had a chin implant put in a few years ago but I've always thought looked too long and not wide enough. Are there any proportions that are important... READ MORE

Getting Revision Rhino Next Month, Wondering if It's Worth Getting a Small Chin Implant? (photo)

I am getting revision rhinoplasty to fix a bad job caused my septum to totally collapse. Also the original work made it way to feminine. I know... READ MORE

Chin Implant Might Be to Big?

I had a cleft chin implant put in last week. The implant dimensions " 4.7 cm 1.3 cm 0.7 cm 1.0 cm 8.2 cm 0.5 cm. I feel maybe the implant might... READ MORE

Am I a good candidate for Jaw Implants? Would I also need a chin implant to keep my face proportionate? (Photo)

As you can see in the pic, my cheek bones/temple points are much wider than my jaw. I would like to balance this out and make it more even/masculine.... READ MORE

Should I get chin implant? (photos)

I dont like my weak chin. Sometimes when I look in the mirror my face looks so not in proportion and I feel like that's because of my small chin. I... READ MORE

Realistic expectation for chin implant exchange? (photos)

I currently have a medium silicone implant. You can see before and after pictures. It is a good change but I feel like my goal is more the simulated... READ MORE

Would I benefit from a Chin Implant? (photos)

I feel like my chin is a little recessed and causes my face to look out of proportion from the front. Would a chin implant help add vertical length to... READ MORE

What can be done to make my lower face more beautiful? (photos)

Dear doctors of Realself, I have done a liposuction to reduce my double chin (1 yr ago), which unfortunately did not make a notable difference, but... READ MORE

Do I have the potential to become exceptionally attractive, or would that be an unrealistic? (photos)

What is unattractive about my face? I think I need mandible advancement, by nose may be too large, I'm unsure of my facial proportions, but I... READ MORE

Chin implant for a sharp jawline and to balance face - female, 25? (photos)

I have a small chin compared to the rest of my face and I want my face to be more proportionate and balanced. I also adore sharp, defined jawlines on... READ MORE

Chin implant or sliding genioplasty? (photos)

I am trying to decide which option would be best for me. I have an open bite and while I wore braces in the past that straightened my teeth they have... READ MORE

Would a chin augmentation greatly improve my profile? (Photo)

I do have a larger nose and a receding chin. Do you believe this procedure would help proportion my face? READ MORE

Can a chin implant make for a slimmer face?

I am already a very thin person so I don't want to lose any weight in order to improve my face shape. But I have been looking into getting a small... READ MORE

How can I achieve a more defined jawline or add more proportion to my face? (Phoot)

I have always thought that my chin was somewhat lacking and I would like to know as to whether a chin implant, sliding genioplasty or an angle implant... READ MORE

Chin Implant and Seborrheic Dermatitis, any suggestions?

Hi, after a rhinoplasty, I am left wondering if a chin implant would make sense to regularize my facial proportions or if this would elongate my face... READ MORE

Do I need a chin implant or fat removal, or both? (photos)

I'm no doctor but my opinion is that because my chin is behind my lips, the fat in my face is less spread out, causing me to have chipmunk like cheeks... READ MORE

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