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I Have No Jaw, my Neck Runs Straight to my Chin. What Can I Do?

I am very self conscious about my profile. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated! READ MORE

What do you recommend to improve my chin/jaw line (side profile appearance)? I don't have a bite problem-had braces. (Photo)

I've always been bothered by my side profile, I have no chin/jaw line. Under my chin is not all fat, the problem is that there is just no space under... READ MORE

Chin or Mandibular Implant to Improve Profile?

Given my profile, which would be a better option for me? My jaw profile seems to disappear into my neck. I am not overweight, so I'm not sure Smart... READ MORE

I have a flat face, what would help my profile? (photo)

I have a flat face. I'm not sure which "one" procedure would help the most, but I am most unsatisfied with my lack of a jaw line and fat under chin.... READ MORE

Will Chin Implant Improve my Profile?

I want to improve my projection, chin height, and chin width. Am I a good candidate for an implant? I would like an unbiased opinion before I proceed... READ MORE

How Will a Chin Implant Change my Front Profile?

Left and mid photo unaltered. Photo on the right is the desired look. Is my expectation realistic? Or am I asking for too much chin? How will a chin... READ MORE

Chin Implant Possible Without Getting Rid of Chin Dimple?

I have a nice dimple in my chin which is fairly noticeable. However, because I have a recessed chin, I am considering getting a chin implant to... READ MORE

I hate my side profile. I've always have had low self esteem issues cause of this. (photo)

I've always have had low self esteem issues cause of this. I can't seem to just get over it. Can't even see my jawline. I have that bump on my nose... READ MORE

Can Chin Implant Give a Better Jaw Angle?

My profile has little angle--it's straight across. I have a little chin but it looks like if I got a chin implant, it would exagerate my straight... READ MORE

Chin Implant Vs Mandibular Advancement

Based on the picture, would a chin implant improve my profile? I would like to avoid jaw surgery at all costs. READ MORE

Improving Side Profile with Teeth Extraction/braces & Chin Implant? (photo)

Hi, I really want to improve my side profile, so I attached a photo of my current side profile and a photoshopped pic that I want my side profile to... READ MORE

What Can I Do to Fix my Profile? (photo)

I'm very unhappy with my profile and have a 5mm overbite. I've done research on chin augmentation and would like to know if an implant or genioplasty... READ MORE

Supra-orbital Rim Augmentation and Brow Lift?

I'm a 45-year- old male. My brow ridge lacks projection so my profile looks very feminine. I would like my supra-orbital rim to be raised. Can... READ MORE

I Hate my Jawline. What's Wrong with It? (photo)

My side profile is terrible. I have never had a defined jaw/chin and I hate it. What can I do to improve this? READ MORE

Would a Chin Implant And/or Rhinoplasty Improve my Profile?

Hi, I'm a 20 year old male. I've identified the areas that I believe could benefit from surgery. -Tip of nose too large. -Nostrils appear too... READ MORE

How can I give my jawline a better angle? (photo)

I am fine with my jaw and chin from the front view. But I am very dissatisfied with my profile. I work out a lot so I do not have much body fat, but... READ MORE

Lip Reduction and Chin Implant

I want a softer profile and believe my big bottom lip makes my receded chin look even more receded. Is this because of my mild overbite(2mm)? I don't... READ MORE

I've always been skinny but the muscle under my chin makes me look like I have a double chin. How can I improve it? (photo)

Ever since I was little I have been a very natural low weight very skinny, however I have always had a undefined jaw line. It doesn't seem like it's... READ MORE

Would a chin implant make a nose look smaller from both the front and profile view?

I have an average sized nose. However, I have a really weak chin and somewhat rounded/square face. I know that chin implants can do truly amazing... READ MORE

Would a Chin Implant Improve my Front and Side Profile? (photo)

I was hoping for a straight, honest opinion if you felt like a chin implant would improve my profile? Is there any cheap alternative treatments or is... READ MORE

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