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I Have No Jaw, my Neck Runs Straight to my Chin. What Can I Do?

I am very self conscious about my profile. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated! READ MORE

Chin or Mandibular Implant to Improve Profile?

Given my profile, which would be a better option for me? My jaw profile seems to disappear into my neck. I am not overweight, so I'm not sure Smart... READ MORE

What do you recommend to improve my chin/jaw line (side profile appearance)? I don't have a bite problem-had braces. (Photo)

I've always been bothered by my side profile, I have no chin/jaw line. Under my chin is not all fat, the problem is that there is just no space under... READ MORE

I have a flat face, what would help my profile? (photo)

I have a flat face. I'm not sure which "one" procedure would help the most, but I am most unsatisfied with my lack of a jaw line and fat under chin.... READ MORE

Will Chin Implant Improve my Profile?

I want to improve my projection, chin height, and chin width. Am I a good candidate for an implant? I would like an unbiased opinion before I proceed... READ MORE

How Will a Chin Implant Change my Front Profile?

Left and mid photo unaltered. Photo on the right is the desired look. Is my expectation realistic? Or am I asking for too much chin? How will a chin... READ MORE

Chin Implant Possible Without Getting Rid of Chin Dimple?

I have a nice dimple in my chin which is fairly noticeable. However, because I have a recessed chin, I am considering getting a chin implant to... READ MORE

I hate my side profile. I've always have had low self esteem issues cause of this. (photo)

I've always have had low self esteem issues cause of this. I can't seem to just get over it. Can't even see my jawline. I have that bump on my nose... READ MORE

Chin Implant Vs Mandibular Advancement

Based on the picture, would a chin implant improve my profile? I would like to avoid jaw surgery at all costs. READ MORE

Can Chin Implant Give a Better Jaw Angle?

My profile has little angle--it's straight across. I have a little chin but it looks like if I got a chin implant, it would exagerate my straight... READ MORE

Improving Side Profile with Teeth Extraction/braces & Chin Implant? (photo)

Hi, I really want to improve my side profile, so I attached a photo of my current side profile and a photoshopped pic that I want my side profile to... READ MORE

What Can I Do to Fix my Profile? (photo)

I'm very unhappy with my profile and have a 5mm overbite. I've done research on chin augmentation and would like to know if an implant or genioplasty... READ MORE

Supra-orbital Rim Augmentation and Brow Lift?

I'm a 45-year- old male. My brow ridge lacks projection so my profile looks very feminine. I would like my supra-orbital rim to be raised. Can... READ MORE

Would a Chin Implant And/or Rhinoplasty Improve my Profile?

Hi, I'm a 20 year old male. I've identified the areas that I believe could benefit from surgery. -Tip of nose too large. -Nostrils appear too... READ MORE

I Hate my Jawline. What's Wrong with It? (photo)

My side profile is terrible. I have never had a defined jaw/chin and I hate it. What can I do to improve this? READ MORE

Lip Reduction and Chin Implant

I want a softer profile and believe my big bottom lip makes my receded chin look even more receded. Is this because of my mild overbite(2mm)? I don't... READ MORE

How can I give my jawline a better angle? (photo)

I am fine with my jaw and chin from the front view. But I am very dissatisfied with my profile. I work out a lot so I do not have much body fat, but... READ MORE

Would a Chin Implant Improve my Front and Side Profile? (photo)

I was hoping for a straight, honest opinion if you felt like a chin implant would improve my profile? Is there any cheap alternative treatments or is... READ MORE

I Have a Long Chin in the Front but Lacking One on the Profile. is There Any Options? (photo)

I have an oblong face shape. also when i smile my chin in the front is very long. on the profile it looks like am lacking a chin a bit though. i dont... READ MORE

Do I Need Chin Implant/augmentation?

I see that there is recession in my lower jaw. I heard that chin implant would correct this problem. Is the chin implant permanent? Is there risk for... READ MORE

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