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Can I Have a Chin Implant After Getting Fat Injections?

I had chin fat injections and now want a chin implant. Must the fat be removed first? READ MORE

Shaving Vs. Removing a Chin Implant

I have a medpor chin implant & don't like the shape. The surgeon that put it in said that he can shave it down, w/out taking it out. Based on your... READ MORE

Can my recessive Chin be treated by an implant, or a different procedure? (photo)

I'm thinking about getting a chin augmentation procedure. Please help me decide what to do. Is an implant good for my situation? READ MORE

Difference between chin wing implant, sliding genioplasty and jaw surgery?

I am a male and I have a weak chin. I also want a better jaw from the front/side view. What would you recommend to me, I might also want to alter my... READ MORE

I have a very weak side profile. I don't simply want a large chin but rather a nice jaw line as well. (photos)

What procedure do I Need? Ive been to different surgeons willing to put a chin in place. However, I am aiming for a square jaw with more depth at... READ MORE

Chin implant revision? (Photos)

I'm in my early 20s and got a chin implant last year and am unhappy with the results. Now it looks too small, unequal, and does not fix my jowl issues... READ MORE

Chin Implant, Buccal Fat Removal, or Jowl Liposuction? (photos)

I'm having trouble finding out exactly what is bothering me on the lower half of my face. I would like a procedure that I think will make the most... READ MORE

I'm wondering wich type of plastic surgery can be done to get a sharp and defined jawline? (photo)

Hello,I'm wondering wich type of plastic surgery can be done to get these sharp and defined jawline,I saw different procedure for instance... READ MORE

What procedure do you suggest to correct my weak chin? (photos)

Im 20 years old. my problem weak chin. im not fat but my face look like fat. i just want sharp face properties. i have not teeth and bite problem. my... READ MORE

How can I improve my side profile? Do I have a weak chin? (Photo)

I am really self conscious about my side profile. I feel like my chin is weak and my nose too long. I am not currently thinking about surgery yet, but... READ MORE

Do I have a weak chin? Am I a candidate for a chin implant or other procedure? (Photo)

I have always had a problem with the way my neck and chin looked. I always thought the problem was a large adam's apple and bad posture making my neck... READ MORE

One week chin implant post op, now I have droopy jowls? (Photo)

I'm 9 days post op from a chin implant (incision under chin). I have minimal swelling and pain, but I now have very droopy jowls that I did not have... READ MORE

Weak chin/jawline. What procedure would you recommend? (Photo)

There is little space between my neck and chin, and my jaw/chin is rounded rather than long and pointed. I find that my mouth struggles to close... READ MORE

I will like to improve the symmetry of my face, what procedures would you recommend? (photos)

Hi, I am mostly happy with the way I look, but I think that my features would be better balanced if they were more symmetrical. I think that I may... READ MORE

Chin implant to feminize cleft chin. (photos)

I am getting my chin done and have decided on the conform extended anatomical chin implant I'm worried it won't get rid of cleft and give me the more... READ MORE

The right procedure to alter my (very) round face shape, giving me a more feminine, sharp "V" shape? (photo)

I'm very self conscious of my face shape and would love to change it in some way or the other but I'm overwhelmed trying to figure out which route to... READ MORE

Is my chin implant big for my face? I'm aware of the swelling, but I need reassurance from doctors doing this procedure (Photos)

Hello Dr's, It been 3 days since I had my neck lipo and chin implant, I would like to know if the chin implant I selected is big for my face ?. I know... READ MORE

Do I need a chin implant? (Photo)

Hi there I am 23 years old and I am considering a chin implant as I have a weak chin, it does not bother me straight on (my chin) but side profile... READ MORE

Do I need a chin implant?

I'm looking for a more defined jawline! I have a double chin but I'm not sure if I just need to do something with that or would a chin implant help? I... READ MORE

Can this chin/profile be achieved with a chin implant? (photos)

Here are photos of a chin that I wish mine looked like and was as strong as. I will provide photos of my own chin to give you a better chance to judge... READ MORE

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