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Chin Implant Complications

Complications from chin augmentation with impants I understand, are possible. What do I need to be aware of before getting the implant? Can they... READ MORE

Male Chin Implant - Possible Complications?

I would be super happy to get a defined chin. yet i am really hesistant to do a chin implant becs i really don't know the possible complications.... READ MORE

Intraoral Scar from Chin Implant - Mentalis Muscle Resuspension? (photos)

Last year i had a intramural chin implant removed. Since then, the inside of my bottom lip sticks to my bottom gum. The best way i can describe it is... READ MORE

Can a Chin Implant Be Problematic if I Have a Tooth Implant Already?

I am very seriously considering a chin implant, but I am concerned about possible pain or future problems because I have a tooth implant in my lower... READ MORE

I can feel my chin implant wings end from outside. (photos)

I can feel my chin implant wings end from outside my jaw line.. Asthetically its all right a little pimple size implant is pointi out and can be seen.... READ MORE

Today I'm 3 week post op after chin implant, (silicone). I'm happy with the result but I have a problem (Photo)

On one side, I feel swelling and pain but its getting better and better, on the other side, I havent got any pain since the surgery but when I feel... READ MORE

Jaw angle implants/chin implant affecting movement of the face?

If one is to get jaw angle implants fixed with screws or chin implant fixed with screw(s) to keep the implants in place, could there be problems with... READ MORE

Who is financially responsible when something goes wrong with a PS implant procedure?

In the event that (in my case) a chin implant goes awry (implant infection, implant movement, bone resorption, etc) is that something that is... READ MORE

No chin, uneven teeth and acne-prone skin with acne scars, can you help with these problems? (photos)

I have had no chin and uneven teeth and have acne-prone skin and acne scars, i hopefully this page can help me my problem and i want know how much... READ MORE

What could cause sudden swelling after a chin implant?

I had a chin implant put in 9 weeks ago (under the chin). For about 3 weeks ago i get sudden swelling to my lips and neck, i also had a flu at this... READ MORE

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