Pressure + Chin Implant

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I do MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) is there a surgeon who could give me a secure implant which won't move?

I'm looking for chin surgery to bring my chin forward to improve my profile. I do MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) and fear a chin implant may move if hit... READ MORE

Will a Chin Implant Hinder my Ability to Play the Violin?

I'm considering a chin implant to correct my weak chin, however I am a tad worried that chin augmentation might hamper my ability to play the violin... READ MORE

Is the chin implant going to move?

Ive always wanted a chin implant, but im always afraid of it moving. i think about all the times my chin is exposed or under pressure. i play sports,... READ MORE

Genioplasty or Chin Implant for my short chin? (photos)

I have a short chin and it makes my face look disportional. Do you recommend genioplasty or chin implant for my chin? Will chin implant feel... READ MORE

I have a weak chin and jaw pressure problem? (Photo)

I think it's a weak chin. I used to have an overbitr. The dentist has shaved my teeth down a bit too. The back of my teeth is long and causes pressure... READ MORE

Chin implant pain 1.5 months post op.

I had a chin implant on Aug 30, 2016 and I have pressure pain on my right side in the front below the lower lip and above the jaw line The area sticks... READ MORE

Can a big chin implant shift while doing dental work such as braces and retainer molds?

5 months ago, I received surgery for a relatively large chin implant that caused my bottom lip to somewhat conceal my bottom row of teeth. Next week,... READ MORE

I have a chin implant and I have some gum recession. I'm wondering if the chin implant might be causing this?

I have had my chin implant for about 13 years now, never any issues except for occasional pain if i sleep on it too hard. I have gum recession over a... READ MORE

Chin implant causing pressure on bottom teeth. What should I do?

I had a silicon chin implant placed 7 mths ago, through the mouth, unfixed. When I open my mouth wide, I feel lots of pressure on my bottom teeth (I... READ MORE

Chin implant lump after 4 months.

I got a chin implant 4 months ago and I just noticed a small lump under one side of my chin. It is sore but only when I put small amounts of pressure... READ MORE

Chin implant and dentures. Any suggestions?

10 years ago I had chin implant put in. Within a week of the implant, back to the surgeon's office as I thought swelling was keeping me from wearing... READ MORE

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