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My Chin Implant is Out of Place - Can I Fix it w/o Surgery?

I had a chin implant 2 years ago and it is not fitted properly in the pocket. I've started to notice it in pictures and if it hits the light in a... READ MORE

My Chin is Still Numb 7 Months after a revision chin implant is This Normal?

I am still numb and it feels so weirs still after 7 months. This was a revision chin implant and it was done via the inside of my mouth which I feel... READ MORE

Is It Always Possible to Do a Revision Chin Implant?

My previous chin implant was not done correctly. It looks weird and it is not properly placed. It has been 9 months and it moves all over the place.... READ MORE

How is It Possible to Create a New Chin Implant Pocket if One Already Exists?

If a person already has previous chin implant placed too high, how does A doctor create a lower pocket without creating one big pocket? Wouldnt the... READ MORE

I had a chin implant removed ten years ago. I still have the pocket, can it be removed so I can have my original chin back?

I had a square chin, with a natural dimple. I felt my lower lip hung too far over it so wanted more projection. The chin implant took away the shape... READ MORE

Removing silicone jaw implant. Is it a big deal?

Please tell me if its a big deal to remove a angled silicone jaw implant ? It has dislodged and now the side of my jaw and neck are sore and swollen .... READ MORE

Chin implant intraoral has created a pocket that is collecting food. Any suggestions?

I had a chin implant about 9 days ago and it seems as though the intraoral incision has created a pocket and has been gathering food. I can't take it... READ MORE

Is shaving the chin implant a good decision? (photos)

Hi, It's passed three years of my chin implant, but because it is a littel big for my face and show me older the doctor has decide to shave and make... READ MORE

Does chin implant placed through the mouth need time to "drop" after one month?

Got a chin implant through mouth with lipo a month ago. Results are good. Face appears more balanced, but in the last few days I've noticed that one... READ MORE

Chin implant revision after 4 months. What happens to the old pocket?

I had a large implant placed intra-orally 15 weeks ago. PS wanted to place it high to reduce appearance of vertical length. Unfortunately, it is... READ MORE

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