Platysmal + Chin Implant

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Numbness After Chin Implant/platysmaplasty/liposuction?

Had procedure 7 days ago - very happy with it! But have total numbness in chin and right lower lip. If I tap on the right side of my chin I feel... READ MORE

Maleficent cheeks! How to improve weird, concave face shape? (photos)

I'm 2.5 weeks post-op chin implant and platysmaplasty. 6 months ago got 1/2 syringe of Voluma in each cheek along the cheekbone. My daughter says I... READ MORE

How much does a chin implant and neck lift/platysma-plasty usually cost? Can it be done under local anesthetic?

My plastic surgeon recommended a neck lift and platysma-plasty in addition to the chin implant. I do have what appears to a recessed chin where it... READ MORE

Wondering about chin implant vs chin Lipo vs platysmaplasty and also possible Rhinoplasty?? (photos)

This floppy chin aka "the waddle" is getting more pronounced with age. My family members all have it, seems to get worse with time. I am wondering... READ MORE

Have choice to do chin implant and lipo or chin implant and mini neck lift (platymasal cut)? (Photo)

I'm 33 , have had two surgeons both suggest either lipo with chin implant or mini neck lift with chin implant- lipo and chin implant is more cost... READ MORE

Chin implant, sliding genioplasty or submental liposuction (platysmal tightening)? (Photo)

Hi, I'm 20 yrs old and of normal weight. However, I suffer from a recessed chin and double chin, esp. when I speak or swallow. I was wondering if and... READ MORE

Follow-Up: Will my jowls improve after platysmaplasty, chin implant, and neck lipo? (photo)

The pics are before and after. 25 days ago I had platysmaplasty, chin implant(oral) & neck lipo, thread lift and fillers. My jowls have been... READ MORE

Chin implant removal refund. I want to know what is acceptable and not out of line as a patient here so please answer honestly

I went into my surgeon to get rid of my double chin and loose playsma muscle, he suggested a chin implant to go along w it.I hadn't ever considered an... READ MORE

Platysma muscle surgery or just chin enhancement and lipo? (Photo)

I am 38 and really trying to get a nice side profile. What surgery procedures do you think I need?.. I have looked into genioplasty and chin implants... READ MORE

Will my lower lip and platysmal muscle be normal? Surgery 2 months ago (Photos)

I had received facial surgery (cheekbone reduction, genioplasty and chin surgery) in South Korea on 25th March 2016. 2 weeks after the surgery, I... READ MORE

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