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Where is the Best Incision for Chin Implant: Through Mouth or Under Chin?

My surgeon said i can have under the chin or through the mouth. My surgeon recomends going through the mouth as he feels very confident about it and... READ MORE

Chin Implant, Is My Chin Too Small?

Hi i am considering getting a chin implant however i fear that my chin is way too small and my chin bone is too small that i wonder where would the... READ MORE

Chin Implant Revision - Scar Placement?

I just did my chin implant on 9 Oct 2010, I find it too big as the doc used a "large" size for my face. I wish to go for a revision on 31st... READ MORE

Solution for Misplaced Chin Implant?

I had a chin implant 9 years ago, when I smile its seems to be without form, like flat. And after X-rays I noticed that the implant is placed higher... READ MORE

Proper Incision Placement for Chin Augmentation and Neck Lipo?

I recently had a consult for a chin implant and neck lipo - I'm 48 and am 5'5". The surgeon said there'd be a small incision just... READ MORE

Has my chin implant been improperly placed? (Photo)

I had a chin implant placed two weeks ago, and I feel like I can see the outline of my implant. I saw my surgeon 1 week ago who assured me that this... READ MORE

Why Can't They Get my Chin Implant Right?

I've had two different doctors provide me with a chin implant and both times it did not look right. Why is this happening? How does a doctor know... READ MORE

Safe For My Doctor To Be Re-Using the Chin Implant With A Different Placement?

My PS had to remove my implant coz it was a bigger size and my stitches wont heal,kept loosening( she put it from inside my mouth, 9 MM POREX ). So... READ MORE

Chin Implant: High Placement Causing Numb Teeth?

I had a large chin implant put in 7 months ago, out of town. I have numbness in lower left incisors. Has resolved a bit, but still there. If I put... READ MORE

Chin implant infection? Should my surgeon be responsible to fix this? (Photo)

Is this a chin implant infection? I have build up drained from under my chin. Also the implant looks like is misplaced. It looks like it is placed too... READ MORE

Is Medpor Implant Usually Put Through the Mouth and Silastic Put Through Under the Chin??

What i understood is, if medpor implant is opted, the incision will be through the mouth and if silastic is the choice, incision will be under the... READ MORE

Chin implant: under or above the periosteum?

Referring to silastic implants, I read that placing it under the periosteum will help secure the implant in place without a screw. However, when... READ MORE

NEED to Find a Doctor Somewhere in the New York and Surrounding Areas That Has EXTENSIVE Knowledge of Chin Implants?

I need revision surgery. I'm absolutely terrified I'm going to make it even worse. Desperately trying to find someone that specializes in chin... READ MORE

Has my chin implant been placed properly? Can it be corrected or will it just make things worse? (photos)

I had a chin implant with lipo done about 5 years ago and I have always been very unhappy with both. The implant looks asymmetrical and placed... READ MORE

Is my chin implant placed incorrectly or is it hard swelling? (photo)

Hello, i had a chin implant 8 days ago and i know it is too soon to judge but i think my chin implant was placed incorrectly as the left side feels... READ MORE

Would a pre-jowl implant be recommended? Also, any feedback on correcting badly placed Juvederm 2 years ago? (Photo)

I'm considering a pre jowl implant or a lower facelift. I saw a plastic surgeon who did'nt recommend a facelift but suggested I consult an oral... READ MORE

I am 3 wks post chin implant, neck lipo, and rhinoplasty. Was the implant placed incorrectly, my chin seems off center? (photo)

Had a large implant place through submental incision, and now there is obviously something very wrong with my chin. I cant move my lower left lip,... READ MORE

Chin implant misplacement or swelling (photos)

Two days ago I had a Vertically Lengthening Chin Implant by Implantec surgery. Now there are two humps on my chin: one is my original chin and below a... READ MORE

Is my chin implant placed too low? Please help, need advice (Photo)

I had a chin implant placed in Nov 2015 and I feel as if left side was placed too low. I have asked the doctor about my concern and he believes... READ MORE

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