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Chin Implant Methods and Options?

I am considering getting a chin implant, but I am concerned with the possibility of it shifting. I was wondering if someone could explain to me the... READ MORE

Is the Chin Implant Procedure Permanent and Life Long Lasting?

Hi there,this is lubna, i wanna know that is the chin implant(silicone) is permanent?with the passing of time is there will decrease its volume/bone... READ MORE

Chin and Jawline Implant or Augmentation for a More Defined Jawline? (photo)

I'm 32 & would like to add more definition to my jawline. I'm not overweight, I'm quite thin but I feel I have excess skin starting to sag under... READ MORE

Permanent Nerve Damage After Chin Implant Revision?

Hi, I had a chin implant 3 years ago. After 2 weeks after the op it extruded and I had another operation to repair it using the hole using part of my... READ MORE

Numbness After Chin Implant?

Hi, I had medepor cheek and chin implants 15 days ago. Initially I had alot of swelling and numbness on the left cheek, that now appears to be... READ MORE

Lower lip uneven, very crooked smile after chin implant. Is this my final result or will massage help? (Photo)

I had a chin implant done 1 month and 2 weeks ago (the cut was made under the chin) My lower lip is a bit numb one one side, same side is sagging and... READ MORE

Do Medpor Chin Implants Cause Skin Erosion Long Term?

I am considering a medpor chin implant Because it is rather permanent compared to the silicon ones However i read in an essay that chin implants cause... READ MORE

I Want A More Permanent Solution- Are Jaw Implants Right For Me? Or Is Radiesse Good? Will I Need Less Injections Over Time?

I've recently had Radiesse for my jaw area (for a square jaw look), and I love the results. But I was wondering if there's any truth to... READ MORE

Smile changed permanently after chin implant removal?

I had a medium silastic chin implant placed through submental incision in August and removed in October due to difficulty smiling It is now almost 3... READ MORE

Can't smile after chin implant- is this permanent? (Photo)

I am really scared that my smile is ruined. I already hated my smile before, but now it is even worse. I got rhinoplasty and a chin implant on the... READ MORE

I Have Noticed my Jaw Line I Asymmetrical, What Are Permanent and Non Permanent Procedures? (photo)

I like the smaller more defined side better although it would be most likely the side to recieve fillers. How can I make the bigger side more like the... READ MORE

Sliding genioplasty: Permanent nerve damage risk?

Is there any consensus or can anyone remark in general on what percentage of people undergoing a sliding genioplasty experience permanent nerve... READ MORE

Could a Chin Implant Removal and Bone Rasping Have Caused Muscle Damage?

Last week I had a chin implant removed & replaced w 1cc of radiesse. Due to slight implant bone erosion, 1 side of my chin was rasped. Now when I... READ MORE

How long does a Chin Implant last?

If I get a Chin Implant done, how long will it last? Will the Chin Implant need to ever be replaced, or will the results be permanent? I've also heard... READ MORE

How often do I need to replace my chin implant, or is it permanent? (Photo)

I had a nose job about 3 years ago I wasn't happy with the results at all , the doctor decide that a chin implant will help me to make my face more... READ MORE

I have 2 chin implants but it's still not right. What are risks for a 3rd?

I have had 2 implants and the doctor has both times placed them too high. My chin does not follow my jaw line and it looks awful. My chin cuts upward... READ MORE

Chin implant or Sliding Genioplasty? (Photos)

I have a weak chin, my jawline also weak. I want to have a treatment that is permanent and looks natural, also I want my profile to look sharp. I'm... READ MORE

Crooked smile after neck lipo and chin implant - permanent? (Photo)

4 months ago I had a chin implant and neck lipo. Now, my left lip does not go down as much as the right. When the nerve is bruised it takes awhile to... READ MORE

I need a strong jawline. What would be best for me jaw implants or fat transfer? (photos)

I want permanent results ...cost effective ...less side effects like bone resorption.. READ MORE

My chin implant wing is twisted and I need a revision. Will it cause permanent damage to my smile? (Photo)

Post op visit today , doctor confirmed my fear that what I felt inside my lower gum was wing of right implant and will need another operation to fix .... READ MORE

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