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Lengthening short chin and jaw without jaw surgery? (Photo)

The picture is not of myself but her before photo resembles my condition very closely. She had jaw surgery to get a longer chin. Can this result be... READ MORE

My Chin Implant is Out of Place - Can I Fix it w/o Surgery?

I had a chin implant 2 years ago and it is not fitted properly in the pocket. I've started to notice it in pictures and if it hits the light in a... READ MORE

Chin Implant Vs Mandibular Advancement

Based on the picture, would a chin implant improve my profile? I would like to avoid jaw surgery at all costs. READ MORE

Is It Possible to Do Non-Surgical Chin Enhancement with Fillers in NYC?

As you can see from my picture, my chin is very weak, I do not want to undergo surgery and was looking for an alternative with fillers, I wanted to... READ MORE

Chin Implant No Longer Fits Aging Profile, Would Your Recommend Non-Surgical Options or Revision Surgery? (photo)

I had a chin implant when I was 16 [now 60] and my jawline has obviously changed. Looks like my chin and lower lip jut out too much, have some notches... READ MORE

What Are Some Non-surgical Alternatives to Correct a Botched Chin Implant? (photo)

7 years ago I had a chin implant and was pleased with the result. Now the implant has moved and sticks out badly on one side and is slightly less... READ MORE

I want a square chin augmentation?

What is the best non surgical filler or anything nonsurgical that will give permanent and good results for a stronger chin and from round to square i... READ MORE

I have a small chin and would like to know the best option for this problem. (photo)

Is there a non surgical procedure to make chin bigger or will the implant be best option?.I believe my small chin makes my lips poke out more due to... READ MORE

Am I a candidate for non surgical chin implant using radiesse ? Or fat transfer? (Photo)

Or will I need something more dramatic to correct my deficiency? I am hesitant of any type of surgery and want to exhaust all options. Thank you READ MORE

chin implant information

Chin implant surgery after three years,still stiches and little irritation and numbness in teeth .what if i dont prefer a surgery for correction .is... READ MORE

Had a nonsurgical chin aug. (Radiesse), now prefer chin implant - do I have to wait until Radiesse 100% dissipated to get that?

I had a nonsurgical chin augmentation (Radiesse filler) but now I realize that for my goals, for a variety of reasons, a chin implant would probably... READ MORE

How can I achieve a jawline or improve it? (Photos)

What can I have be done surgically or non- surgically to have a beautiful jawline and not look like this when I lye down, and improve my facial view... READ MORE

Non surgical chin augmentation- do I need a specialist?

I have been researching and I think non surgical chin augmentation is a good choice for me, I have a mild to moderate weak chin and I've never had any... READ MORE

Do I need a chin implant? (Photo)

I am currently wearing braces and hope they will help with my bite. I wonder if that would solve my problem or do I also need a ching augmentation.... READ MORE

Q to get a non surgical chin augmentation or a chin implant? (photos)

Was considering getting either a nonsurgical chin augmentation or an implant I have an uneven chin so which would benefit me best ? READ MORE

Chin Implant: Can my surgeon improve the projection of my current chin implant WITHOUT having to go into surgery again?

I had surgery for a chin implant 2 months ago, the doctor gave me size medium. I love the change it made, but I would like to improve the projection a... READ MORE

Recently had non-surgical chin augmentation (Radiesse); changed mind and would prefer implant. How soon can operation be done?

Thanks for reading my question! I recently had a non-surgical chin augmentation. Although the doctor did a great job, it turns out an implant would... READ MORE

Am I a good candidate for non-surgical chin augmentation? What are my options?

Pictures included! I'm only 23 so would like to avoid surgery if possible. READ MORE

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