Nerves + Chin Implant

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Could the Implant Be Pinching a Nerve? Still Can't Feel Right Side 1 Month After Chin Implant Surgery.

I want my chin implant out although I like the results- the numbness and not being able to feel the right side of my chin is driving me crazy. From... READ MORE

Chin and jaw implants: What potential complications, if screw fixtures hit the nerve(s)?

*If the screw fixtures( to the jaw implants)is to hit any nerve(s), what could be the potential complications? ( i.e. Permanent numbness? Twisted... READ MORE

Chin implant complication. Is this all normal? (Photo)

I had a chin implant procedure performed on the second week of July. I now cannot tilt my head back. I have a nerve or muscle under my chin all the... READ MORE

I'm eight weeks post-op chin implant but the vertical crease in the right side of my chin I feel is not getting any better?

My doctor is saying he feels the implant is pushing on a nerve. Do you feel that I'm going to have to remove the implant in order for healing to take... READ MORE

Will my smile and the numbness in my lip improve? What are the signs that the mental nerve is severed? (Photos)

I had a chin implant around 3 weeks ago. I am still numb in my lower lip on one side and numb on the same side of the chin. I think that the lip has... READ MORE

Chin implant --> distinguishing nerves from scar tissue really that hard?

The right half of my chin implant has lots of scar tissue/adhesions which are causing intermittent numbness and lack of motor control. I am now... READ MORE

Chin implant: How to secure the implant? Potential problems and consequences?

1. For chin implant with extended anatomical, can the extension move upwards and affect the mental foramen nerve ? 2. What can be done to stop the... READ MORE

How frequently is lip numbness or loss of movement permanent with chin implant?

I'm considering a chin implant with a rhinoplasty and researching all the complications. The scariest to me is the risk of permanent damage to the... READ MORE

How to help feeling return after chin implant?

Hi, I had rhinoplasty with a chin implant 13 days ago. While everything is healing nicely, I am still very numb in my bottom lip. I know that numbness... READ MORE

My chin implant is placed unevenly. Should I have it corrected?

I had a chin implant done 3 years ago and I have began having some muscular and what appears to be nerve issues on my left side of my mandible in the... READ MORE

Chin implant nerves?

Hey there, I had a chin implant large 7mm a month ago now. Everything is fine but every so often I get a quick stinging pain where the implant is. Is... READ MORE

What can be done about the pulling and asymmetry around my chin?

Over the years, I've had several versions of chin implants and different procedures to correct a witches chin, but now I'm left with some muscle... READ MORE

4 week after chin implant removal: numbess in the right side of lip and chin. Should i be worried?

I had small 5mm extended ana. Chin implant kept it only 2 days! And got it removed at 3th day. Due to not liking the look. Its been 4 weeks now. Right... READ MORE

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