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Is A Chin Implant My Best Bet For A Stronger Jaw Line? Want A Natural Result (photo)

I want to get a chin implant to make it wider and of course draw it out further. overall its clear i do not have a strong jaw. and the chin i thought... READ MORE

Can you feel jaw implants when eating, do they look natural when raising yr head? I have a narrow jaw & good sized chin (Photo)

Is the division between the implants and chin noticeable? I have a good sized chin, but my jaw is VERY narrow. Or does it look natural like in these... READ MORE

Chin implant or sliding genioplasty? (Photo)

My goal is to increase chin width, projection, and vertical height and have it look natural. I have a short, recessed, pointed chin with a deep... READ MORE

Chin implant? Afraid is going to look weird considering my face stucture now. My chin bone is small and undeveloped. (Photo)

I know I have an overbite and very receded chin. Bracers didn't help me. I don't care about overbite much, but I don't like my profile. I had a... READ MORE

Asian rhinoplasty & Chin augmentation? (Photo)

What would be best for my face? I want to look as natural as possible especially considering my ethnicity. READ MORE

Chin implant or Sliding Genioplasty? (Photos)

I have a weak chin, my jawline also weak. I want to have a treatment that is permanent and looks natural, also I want my profile to look sharp. I'm... READ MORE

Finished with my braces! Not fully happy with my profile. What can I do, chin implant? (Photo)

I am happy with my profile besides a bit weak chin. is it possible to make a operation that it looks natural?? sorry for my English it is not my... READ MORE

Am I a candidate for a chin implant? (photos)

Does my deep mentolabial fold prevent me from being a chin implant candidate or being able to obtain a good/natural looking result from a chin... READ MORE

Will I have natural results with lip fillers and chin implant/jaw surgery? (Photo)

My face is very round, and I don't like it, I want to have a longer face, and was thinking of getting a chin implant or jaw surgery. I also hate how... READ MORE

I am scheduled to have a chin implant placed soon. What size silicon implant do I need? (photo)

I want it to look as subtle and as natural as possible, both in a resting position and when I am smiling. The doctor suggest a large, but will this... READ MORE

Subtle and natural chin implant possible? (Photo)

I'm thinking about getting a small chin implant, I'd like to improve my profile and chin definition without anyone noticing. I'm looking to have a... READ MORE

Is a chin implant natural?

I would like to get a chin implant for the side profile of my face, i hear chin implants are relatively quick and safe so it doesn't look fake, is... READ MORE

Should I get a chin implant even if my orthodontist has suggested jaw surgery? Or both? (Photo)

Overall, I would like a procedure that has natural looking results. I really don't think I'm that bad looking, I just hate seeing pictures of myself... READ MORE

Is this how I'd look using a chin implant? (photos)

I used the face touch up app & did some alterations on my chin... I really want a straight profile & full chin/jaw, while still keeping it... READ MORE

Is an "extreme makeover" possible? I would like to look more handsome, but still remain as natural looking as possible. (Photo)

I'm very unhappy with my appearance, especially skin and bone structure of my face. Is it possible to improve the way I look and my facial features to... READ MORE

Possible jaw and chin implants without looking overdone or fake? (Photo)

Hello, I've always been self conscious about my chin and jaw. I feel like my chin is to pointy and round, while my jaw is flat and unnoticeable, I was... READ MORE

I'm very interested in getting my receding chin fixed, I want a straight profile? (Photos)

I'm very interested in getting my receding chin fixed. Wondering if a chin implant or sliding genioplasty is a better route to go...I heard the chin... READ MORE

Is it possible to achieve this facial structure through cosmetic surgery? Mainly the cheekbones and chin.

I'm 18 years old and ive had rhinoplasty on the nose about 4 months ago. Now I'm wondering if I could achieve this models face through cosmetic... READ MORE

What are my surgery options for extending out the area that I've indicated? (Photo)

I had a chin implant a couple years ago, but I still feel like my chin is slightly recessive. I believe my surgeon chose the best implant that gives... READ MORE

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