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Do Chin Implants Look and Feel Natural?

Like a plastic piece if somoene grabbed my chin?...dont want that.  Want a natural look! READ MORE

How natural do jaw and chin implants feel?

Do they feel like your bones? Can you tell it's there when you rub against it? Or do they feel seamless and part of your skull? Like for example when... READ MORE

What Can I Do About my Chin Implant Looking Unnatural?

I have a receding chin and had a chin implant. It does not look natural. Profile is good but the frontal view looks as if I have an egg/bump at the... READ MORE

Best Option for Better Profile After Chin Implant Removal?

I would like the Chin implant removed; but I'm not sure if a smaller implant, no implant, or Genioplasty is the best option. What looks most natural,... READ MORE

I got a small silicone chin implant inserted under the chin about a year and a half ago. can I remove it without much damage?

I don't like the feeling of the implant and I don't feel is really giving me a significant enough change to justify it being in there. I don't want... READ MORE

Is my chin implant crooked? (Photos)

I had a chin implant and a little bit of under the chin/neck liposuction just two weeks shy of 6 months ago. The right side seems fuller and goes down... READ MORE

Chin Implant Vs. Genioplasty

My chin is short. Will a chin implant work better than genioplasty? Does a chin implant feel natural? READ MORE

Chin implant projection point too high? (Photo)

I've had two chin implants placed within a week, first one was too big so my doctor agreed to change it for a smaller one. I'm now 3 days post op from... READ MORE

What can be done about the pulling and asymmetry around my chin?

Over the years, I've had several versions of chin implants and different procedures to correct a witches chin, but now I'm left with some muscle... READ MORE

Is a gore-tex chin implant that is slid down the jaw and screwed in place (to add vertical height) safe? Any increased risks?

The surgeon is experienced and certified by Am Bd of Surgery and Am Bd of Plastic Surgery. The surgeon tells me the particular implant is designed to... READ MORE

Sliding genioplasty for small heads?

Although jaw bone is stretched in its better position, the size of the head will still be/seen small. What can be the best way to apply on that... READ MORE

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