Medium + Chin Implant

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1 Month After Implantech Chin Implant, Unhappy With the Shape. (photo)

1 mo. ago received an Implantech medium ext. anatomical chin implant. Based on specs, the small is only .5 mm smaller in projection but smaller all... READ MORE

Downsizing Chin Implant?

Hi, I had a medium Flowers Mandibular Glove chin implant (8mm), and it´s quite big for my face, so I´m going to replace it with a smaller one. I´m in... READ MORE

Debating medium chin implant. Any suggestions? (photos)

For years I've debated getting a chin implant. I recently put down money to have this procedure and then got cold feet. I now have 5 days to decide if... READ MORE

Realistic expectation for chin implant exchange? (photos)

I currently have a medium silicone implant. You can see before and after pictures. It is a good change but I feel like my goal is more the simulated... READ MORE

What size implant? (photos)

I have decided to finally get a chin implant as I've always hated my profile however I am finding it differcult to decide on the size. The surgeon has... READ MORE

Worried my chin implant is too large.

I had a medium sized anatomical chin implant 9 days ago and although I very much like the shape it has created I can't help but feel it protrudes too... READ MORE

Chin Implant Revision? (Photos)

Just over a year ago I underwent surgery for a medium size, medpor, button style chin implant. After surgery I was a little concerned with the overall... READ MORE

I got a chin implant last year, and I asked for length and projection. The results were minimum projection. (photos)

He gave me a medium sized implant and said it would give both projection and length. Once the swelling went down, there was almost no projection. When... READ MORE

What is similar to a curvalinear chin implant?

I have found out that I have a small curvalinear chin implant. I wanted to go more with projection from the side but I found that going up to a medium... READ MORE

Where can I get an x-ray of my medium silicon chin implant?

Can I request of x ray of my medium silicon chin implant at a regular hospital, and will they be able to tell if anything is wrong with it like... READ MORE

Follow-up Question: Medium chin implant too wide and long for my small face. What should I do? (photos)

Implantech medium silicone anatomical chin implant placed 8-5-2015. Dr says I can get medium removed and put in a small one. I don't want to lose side... READ MORE

Not sure if implant shifted? shifted from time or shaking head extremely at music concerts. (photos)

I had a medium chin implant, external placement " I believe Silicon" placed in august of 2014 by a very famous surgeon in New Orleans who is now... READ MORE

Can chin implant be dislodged or infected without notice while causing internal harm? (photos)

Three years post opt of a medium chin implant, loved it so far til I felt like I could feel it in my mouth and now I can't stop trying to feel tbh.... READ MORE

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