Mandible + Chin Implant

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What is Recovery Like for a Mandibular Angle Augmentation/implant and Can These Be Subtle?

There's not a lot of information on mandibular angle implants, especially what recovery is like. What is it like? Is it a few days to regular activity... READ MORE

Are Mandibular Jaw Implants Rare?

Hello! As I researched mandibular jaw implants (which I find to yield amazing results) I couldn't help but notice that they are far less common than,... READ MORE

Chin Implant Vs Mandibular Advancement

Based on the picture, would a chin implant improve my profile? I would like to avoid jaw surgery at all costs. READ MORE

Mandible Implants--am I a Good Candidate to Benefit from Them? (photo)

I had a chin implant/neck liposuction and was pleased. However, I want a dramatic improvement to my jawline (square, chiseled jawline). Would I... READ MORE

Mandible Implants And/or Buccal Fat Pad Removal? (photo)

I would like a more masculine face. I was wondering if I should get a mandible implant to make my jaw a little more square instead of how steep i... READ MORE

Options for Flattening out Mandibular Angle? (photo)

I had a class III underbite at around 10 yrs old which was treated with braces for 2 yrs, but still have around a 2mm discrepancy. What I dont... READ MORE

I am wondering if jaw implants can make the angle of the mandible more prominent.

I have an asymmetrical jaw (which becomes really obvious in a photo) and a weak pointy chin. I am wondering if jaw implants can make the angle of the... READ MORE

Will Chin Implant or Jaw Implant Improve Profile? (photo)

Last year I underwent 2 surgeries to repair a severe mandible fracture after accident. The trauma and resulting surgeries left my chin misaligned and... READ MORE

I want Chin and mandibular implants: Candidate? (Photos)

3 months ago I was genioplasty but did not get the results I want. I think two months after the implant surgery. I want gonial angle for my jaw (kind... READ MORE

Custom Jaw and Chin Augmentation/Implants in Australia.

Hi everyone, I'm on the search for a doctor that does Custom Mandible/Jaw and chin implants in Australia as I've been told off the shelf won't give me... READ MORE

I Want Rhinoplasty, Mandibural Implants and a Chin Implant? (photo)

I want mandibular implants cause my face is triangle shae and i want to make it square.and i want to add vertical length to my chin as well.not much... READ MORE

I've a small mandibula + severely receding chin (photos). What procedures gives the biggest aesthetical improvement?

Also: Clinics/surgeons you recommend? (US / Europe) Chin projection and jaw/ angles are biggest issues. What I ideally want is: "Rotate down" the... READ MORE

How can a chin implant be placed on the mandible to avoid adding vertical height? (photo)

I want my chin to project horizontally, curving upwards slightly. I do not want vertical height added to my chin because this would make my face to... READ MORE

Can I Have Mandibular Advancement with Preexisting Chin Implant? (photo)

I have a bad bite and will be getting orthodontics and surgery for recessive jaw. But in the mean time I would like to get a chin implant. My question... READ MORE

Can the Mandible Grow Even After a Chin Implant is Placed?

I had a 7mm silicone wingless chin implant put in because of my recessed chin and i'm 16. My chin does look improved but it still looks recessed and... READ MORE

Mandibular Implants? 6'7''

Im very unhappy with my long face and believe that if I had some contours to my face it would make me more attractive and confident. Ever since I was... READ MORE

Nerve damage possibility during jaw/mandible implant surgery

There's a lot of info out there regarding potential for nerve damage during chin augmentation surgery, but not so much for mandible implant surgery.... READ MORE

Few questions about the mandibular angle implants

1. I heard it's a complicated procedure. How often do complications happen? 2. If the implants need to be removed because of an infection, does it... READ MORE

What is required for me? Chin implants, genioplasty or mandibular implants? (Photo)

Hi I am 25 years old and I feel my chin is weak and also the jaw. I have no bite problem. Please suggest what is the best option for me from chin... READ MORE

Can jaw implants that lower the mandibular angle create a more hollowed-out appearance in the face?

For a male who wants a more chiseled, hollow appearance in the cheeks, would jaw implants that lower the mandibular angle (e.g., closer to a perfect... READ MORE

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