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Jaw implants to lower the jaw line? (Photo)

I've been on a couple of consultations and it seems every Dr. uses the standard jaw angle implants (as shown in the picture attached). These implants... READ MORE

chin augmentation implant seems to be placed too low. Will it readjust?

I'm only one day post op, but looking in the mirror, there seems to be no actual increased chin protrusion coming out, but instead, it just drops... READ MORE

3 months post op of Chin Implant, my lower lips still feels numb. When will the feelings return?

Chin implant and face lift 3 months ago. STILL have numbness in middle of chin below lip , tingling sensation in lower lip. worse when eat or talk.... READ MORE

I'm having trouble with my lower lip after chin implant surgery that was done a little under 2 yrs ago. Any suggestions? (photo)

I'm having trouble with my lower lip after chin implant surgery that was done a little under 2 yrs ago. When I try to depress my lower lip, the right... READ MORE

I need help deciding on the appropriate surgical procedure to enhance my weak chin and jawline. (Photos)

Caucasian male, late twenties, that has always been bothered by a weak, recessed chin stemming from a small lower jaw (mild micrognathia?). This... READ MORE

Best course of action to fix lower jaw? (Photos)

My lower jaw is a bit receded, and i'm looking for advice on what procedure I should get to make my lower face look similar to how it looks when I... READ MORE

What make some over projected chins look good on male? (photos)

The ideal chin projection for a man should be right below his lower lip. But I find that if the chin is projected more than that, it can look good on... READ MORE

It looks like I now have a double chin and I can see the implant right under my real chin. Can this be fixed? (Photo)

It looks like the placement is to low. My surgeon said I have a high fat pad and most peoples are lower. He wants me to wait another week and see him... READ MORE

Its been 4 weeks since I removed my chin implant I still have severe tigthness, sometimes soreness & numbness. Is ıt permanent?

Doctors pls help me. I removed my small silicone eac under the chin 4weeks ago. It only kept it for 2 days in the 3th day i got it removed due to not... READ MORE

Illustration of facial transformation goals: is it possible. Please help. (photos)

I've been embarrassed of my face since I was 10 years old, especially my profile. How realistic are my goals and what are the risks involved? How much... READ MORE

Has my chin implant moved?

I had a medium chin implant just over 3 weeks ago. Up until 5 days ago the healing and look of things were going great and apart from a little... READ MORE

Shorter lower jaw and unaligned teeth makes my lips look ugly, please advise. (photos)

Hi I have had a chin implant (8.5mm) to fix what I thought was a weak chin. I also am using braces and my dentist removed 4 premolars without xray... READ MORE

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