Longevity + Chin Implant

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How Long do Medpor Chin Implants Last?

What happens with a Medpor chin implant (attached with screws) over time? What can a patient expect in 20 years? 30 years? Thank you. READ MORE

Chin Implant - How Should It Feel

I recently (3 weeks ago) had a chin implant inserted by a well known doc in beverly hills. It is now 3 weeks on, and I am back home in london, and... READ MORE

Is the Chin Implant Procedure Permanent and Life Long Lasting?

Hi there,this is lubna, i wanna know that is the chin implant(silicone) is permanent?with the passing of time is there will decrease its volume/bone... READ MORE

Could a Chin Implant Be an Alternative To Jaw Surgery To Correct Overbite?

I have a slight overbite but refused to do a jaw surgery. Is it possible to correct my chin profile? Could be the result the shown on a second photo... READ MORE

Are Jaw Implants Safe and How Long Do They Last?

I'm currently booked to see a plastic surgeon but i suspect he will recommend implants with other makeovers to balance my long midface, also the other... READ MORE

Lip/Chin numbness after chin implant, how long until smile becomes normal again?

I got submental liposuction with a chin implant nearly two weeks ago. Although a significant amount of swelling has gone down, it's still visible. I'm... READ MORE

How many years should chin/ jaw angle implants/titanium screws last or stay in the body?

I plan on having CHINand JAW ANGLE IMPLANTS fixed with SCREWS.(In my early forties.)1How many years max should these implants stay in the body?2Should... READ MORE

What are best Implants for chin and jaw augmentation for Asian patients?

I am asian patient and I am planning for chin and Mandibular augmentation (jawline enhancement). I am little confuse about what type of implant will... READ MORE

How Long has PEEK implants been used?

" How Long has PEEK implants been used? Looking into jaw angle implants and would like to know how many years have patients worn PEEK jaw angle... READ MORE

Chin implant/jaw angle implants: How many years will these implants lasts/be safe in people's faces?

1.What can doctors do to help minimise chances of infection when it comes to inserting chin or jaw angle implants?(Read doctors soak implants in... READ MORE

Do silicone chin implants have potential to last a lifetime or is it likely it will have to be removed at some point? (Photo)

Been on fence for a long time about a chin implant. 2 major reasons, one is because im scared that it will have to be removed at some point and to me... READ MORE

Jaw Implant VS Hydroxyapetite. I've seen a good result with the permanent paste stuff. Is it safe? Does it last?

Hi, I'm just looking to know which would be the better option, I'm in Europe and there aren't as many doctors who offer implants, but I've seen a good... READ MORE

Will chin implants last a lifetime, and will they reduce or enhance the look of nasolabial folds?

I am going to definitely get a chin implant in the future and I would like cheek implants at the same time. Do these implants last a lifetime or do I... READ MORE

How long do chin implants last?

Is there more than one method for chin implants? If so, does one lasts longer than the other and it's there any difference on the results of each one... READ MORE

Chin implant longevity. Any suggestions?

I am just starting to look into having a chin implant. Is it realistic to think that it could be a one off operation? I know that they don't have to... READ MORE

How long does it take for jaw implants to set into place?

I had custom jaw angle implants put in a week ago. I asked my surgeon to use screws to set them in place, but he decided not to do so. My question is... READ MORE

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