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Chin Implant Very Round and Made Face Too Long from Front View

I am one week post op from having a chin implant. I absolutely love what it has done for my profile, and in that regard I wouldn't want to go any... READ MORE

Will a chin implant make my face appear longer/slimmer? (Photo)

I see Stassi got a chin implant and it changed her face dramtically. Clearly she lost weight also. I have a round face so if I got a chin implant... READ MORE

What are the chin proportions for men?

I had a chin implant put in a few years ago but I've always thought looked too long and not wide enough. Are there any proportions that are important... READ MORE

‚Äč1 week post op of Chin Implant, my chin is longer and looks very wide. Is the chin implant too big? (photo)

My chin implant was done 7 days ago the doctor used a medium size implant, I'm unhappy with my front view. Proportion of lip to chin is much longer... READ MORE

Hello Im looking for a procedure wich can make my jaw line/jaw and chin longer I look like this lady after chin implant?

Hello Im looking for a procedure wich can make my jaw line/jaw and chin longer I look like this lady after chin implant. C scan Im looking for this... READ MORE

Can a Chin Implant Help to Create What Would Appear to Be a Longer Jawline?

I like the size of my chin as in I dont want it any larger, I would just like to have a longer chin therefore appearing as if i have a longer jawline.... READ MORE

Shaving Chin Implant So Face Isn't As Long?

Hi had a chin implant 3 weeks ago and it's made my face look very long. my surgeon has given option of removal or shaving it. I have a medpor implant... READ MORE

What Cosmetic Procedure Would Be Best to Help my Face to Look Less Long and Thin?

I had a chin implant about 2 years ago and my profile looks much better but I feel that it added to the length of my face. It also dramatically... READ MORE

I want a more prominent jawline plus slightly longer, and prominent chin. Can you recommend a suitable implant size? (Photo)

I am planning to get a chin implant done will it correct my jawline and give me a slight longer chin and a more prominent chin,and suggest me what... READ MORE

Bad chin implant? 9 days post-op looks long/asymmetric. Doesn't feel swollen. Surely final shape can't change so much? (Photo)

28y/o male (Thai/German). Had silicon chin op (internal incision) alongside forehead/temple fat graft + downturned lips fixed. Extremely worried about... READ MORE

How can I improve my side profile? Do I have a weak chin? (Photo)

I am really self conscious about my side profile. I feel like my chin is weak and my nose too long. I am not currently thinking about surgery yet, but... READ MORE

Will I benefit from a cheek or/and chin implant? (photos)

I had third class malocclusioj so I had lower and upper jaw surgery. I still feel my cheeks empty and hollow. Maybe my chin is to long. Could I have... READ MORE

Is my chin implant sitting too low? (photos)

I'm 4 weeks post op and I'm getting the feeling my chin implant, while looking okay on frontal view, is actually positioned too low on my face, or the... READ MORE

Is something wrong with my chin implant 6 days post-op? (Photo)

This is an extra large chin implant. What happened to my chin? My side profile is definitely improving as you can see the chin being strong, but the... READ MORE

Chin still looks so long and square after chin implant 5 months ago. What can I do? (Photo)

Got a chin implant 5 months ago and I just feel like its too long and square for my face will it change over time ? does it still look like its... READ MORE

Will a Chin Implant make my face look longer? (photos)

I'm concerned that if I get a chin implant my face will look more oblong and not balanced. Will it be best to just get fillers or get an implant? The... READ MORE

What surgery would be best for my round face? I'd like to be longer, angular & thinner. A chin implant? Jaw liposuction? (photo)

I feel my face heavy, round & chubby especially around my jaw even though I'm not overweight. I'm 18, & I've had a very successful rhinoplasty &... READ MORE

Follow-up Question: Medium chin implant too wide and long for my small face. What should I do? (photos)

Implantech medium silicone anatomical chin implant placed 8-5-2015. Dr says I can get medium removed and put in a small one. I don't want to lose side... READ MORE

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