Local Anesthesia + Chin Implant

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Face Swollen After Chin Implant? (photo)

Hi , I have a question. I had a chin implant (size small) 3 days ago with local anesthesia. The Dr. put in a lot of licodaine. Now my face is very... READ MORE

What does it feel like getting a chin implant under local anesthesia?

I've read that you are 100% aware of what is happening and, even though you are numb, you can feel/hear/smell the burning and "bone scraping." Is the... READ MORE

Can a Jaw Implant Be Done Under a Local Anaesthetic ?

I would consider a jaw implant, but can it be done under a local anesthetic. What type of implant would widen my jaw?, What are the risks and do they... READ MORE

Up/down Pulse and Hypertension, Would General Anesthesia or Local with Sedation be Safe for me While Getting Chin Implant?

A holtor monitor showed my heart rate rises into the high 140s and falls into the low 40s throughout the course of the day. My cardiologist said that... READ MORE

Is It True Midface Implants Can Be Removed Under Local?

Can large submalar and premaxillary implants really be removed in the office under local? When is the best time to remove? One month post op. Is the... READ MORE

Local Anesthetic for Facial Implants?

Just curious because I plan to get a chin implant done soon for a weak chin. Some surgeons say IV Sedation is often used along w local injections. Ive... READ MORE

How much does a chin implant and neck lift/platysma-plasty usually cost? Can it be done under local anesthetic?

My plastic surgeon recommended a neck lift and platysma-plasty in addition to the chin implant. I do have what appears to a recessed chin where it... READ MORE

Doctor Wants Me to Stay in Aftercare Facility for Chin Implant Removal

I'm having a chin implant removed and my Doctor is requiring me to stay in an aftercare facility for 1 night. I didn't have to do this for my original... READ MORE

Does it hurt to have a chin implant removed using local anesthetic?

I can't afford to pay the general a anesthesia cost. Does it hurt to have it removed under local? What is the process? Thanks. I'm to the point where... READ MORE

Local anaesthesia for chin implant? Local anaesthesia for jaw angle implants?

I'm in my mid forties and have had general anaesthesia 6times with no problems. However, my folks are very concerned and it's made me concerned now... READ MORE

Can you drive home after a chin implant?

I would like to get a chin implant, however, would like to do it under local anesthesia if it was possible so that I can drive myself home and not... READ MORE

Type of anesthesia for chin implant?

I'm looking into getting a chin implant. The doctor I have choose says he would do local anesthesia in office. I'm nervous because every time I have... READ MORE

Chin implant in office?

Hi, Do you know of any doctors in the LA area that perform chin implants in office, with local?? Also does this cut out the cost of a surgical center?... READ MORE

Does local anesthesia on chin cause pain? (Photo)

I had a chin implant put in about two weeks ago. A bump developed on the side of my chin and the doctor believes it is accumulated blood. He wants to... READ MORE

Would I benefit from a chin implant? (Photo)

Several questions about chin implants: - Would I benefit from a chin implant? - It is true that they make your jaw more defined? - What does a chin... READ MORE

Uneven chin implant for the second time in a month. How soon can I have it out? Can it be through local anesthesia? (Photo)

First chin implant was along with rhino/bichectomy. First time didn't stay in place and hanged to one side due to bleeding. X-rays were taken to see... READ MORE

Seriously considering Chin Implant: how do I find the right Doctor? (photo)

I live in NYC--tons of doctors, but how to find the right one? I believe I only need a small implant and don't plan to add other work except possibly... READ MORE

What is the best place in Los Angeles for a pre-jowl implant? (photos)

Hello, As presented in the pictures attached i have a gap in my pre-jowl sulcus area. This makes my chin look like is a different part of my face, and... READ MORE

1992 chin implant removal. Can removal be achieved with local anesthesia?

I had a mentor silicone chin implant in 1992 that I want removed. Given how long it has been implanted, I would like reccomendations. It is a mentor... READ MORE

Can Doctors Explain Common Experiences in the Process of Regaining Feeling in the Chin and Lower Lip?

Do Doctors take the time to ask patients about their experience in regaining feeling to the chin and lower lip to help new patients understand what... READ MORE

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