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Paralyzed Lip After Neck Lipo and Chin Implant

I had neck lipo and a chin implant 3 weeks ago. The right side of my bottom lip feels paralyzed. It won't move at all. Everything that I have read... READ MORE

Lip and Chin Numbness After Chin Implants

Should I be concerned about the numbness in my chin area and lower lip? It has been 3 weeks since my chin implant. READ MORE

Can't Close Lips After Chin Implant and Rhinoseptoplasty.

I had a chin implant over two weeks ago and the swelling has gone down, though I am struggling to close my lips and look like I am sucking candy when... READ MORE

What risks/complications might come with jaw angle implants?

1.What risks or complications might come with having jaw angle implants surgery? ( Plan on having custom made jaw angle implants fixed w/ screws.) Can... READ MORE

Bottom Lip Too High 3 Weeks Post-Op Chin Implant, Is It Swelling? (photo)

I am 3 weeks post-op chin implant. I still have the inability to move my left lower lip down but I know from other answers it takes time for the nerve... READ MORE

What to Do with Painful Chin Implant Incision Site?

I had my chin implant done a month ago and my stitches from inside my mouth still havent dissolved. I'm very concerned because I feel lots of pain in... READ MORE

Receding chin and lip incompetence (lip strain). What procedure would do best to fix this? (Photo)

When my face is resting my moth is open. To make my lips meet I have to strain them. I have a receding chin. I am wondering what procedure would do... READ MORE

Permanent Numbness After Sliding Genioplasty or is It?

I had a sliding genioplasty years ago that left me with permanent nerve damage and my lower left bottom lip and the area around that is numb which has... READ MORE

Unable to Move Lower Lip After Chin Implants and Liposuction

After my second Chin Implant and Liposuction surgery, I am still unable to move the very center/slightly right side of my bottom lip. It has been 4... READ MORE

Will Getting a Chin Implant Make my Lips Look Thinner/smaller?

I may get a chin implant (size xsmall or small) next summer. However, I was wondering if the implant will make my lips look any smaller, thinner, or... READ MORE

Do I Need Just a Chin Augmentation or Are my Lips Too Large? (photo)

Decided on getting a a chin implant recently in cleveland OH, and was wondering if my lips were too large or if its my weak jaw making my lips more... READ MORE

Problem After Chin Implant Removal

About a year ago I had a gore-tex chin implant removed. Immediately after the surgery, I noticed that my lower lip was shorter and that when my lower... READ MORE

Why Has my Chin Implant Made my Lower Lip Smaller?

Hi there, I had a chin implant a year ago but I still feel some discomfort inside my mouth. I also noticed that my lower lip became even smaller (more... READ MORE

Weak chin or just big lips? (Photo)

I have generally large lips. I'm curious how they affect my appearance and whether or not my chin is weak, or just my big lips making it appear that... READ MORE

Effects of Chin Augmentation Surgery on Lips?

I have a recessed chin. My orthodontist tells me I have some trouble closing my lips and that I force them to close. I have noticed that if I exert no... READ MORE

Lip numbness 5 days after after Chin Augmentation with silicone implant. (photo)

5 days have passed since chin augmentation with a silicone implant, but i don't feel any touches and pain(checked with a needle) in the specified area... READ MORE

Will a chin implant worsen lip incompetency? (photo)

I have a slightly recessed chin and was interested in getting an implant. Would this make my lip incompetency worse? Would a sliding genioplasty be a... READ MORE

Lips Looking Smaller After Chin Implant? (photo)

Hi Doctors, On 29th June 12, I had the following surgeries: 1) liposculpture of the face by postauricular openings and submental incsions,1mm each... READ MORE

Lips and Smile Weird from Chin Implant?

I just had a chin implant and rhinoplasty 5 weeks ago. I am still numb on half of one side of lips and chin. When I smile My bottom lip doesnt really... READ MORE

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