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I Want my Chin a Lil Bit Long. So if There is Any Exercise or Anything else for my Chin So Please Tell Me?

I want my chin a lil bit long. because of not short chin my face is short so i want my chin long. help me READ MORE

Lengthening short chin and jaw without jaw surgery? (Photo)

The picture is not of myself but her before photo resembles my condition very closely. She had jaw surgery to get a longer chin. Can this result be... READ MORE

Increase my Facial Length Vertically?

I have a square jaw and small chin, it makes my lower face very small, and the whole face looks like a square. I want to make my jaw and chin bigger... READ MORE

Is a Sliding Genioplasty or Chin Implant Recommended? (photo)

Do you advise getting a sliding genioplasty or chin implant to make chin more masculine and especially in adding vertical and horizontal height. I... READ MORE

Seeking a Chin Lengthening Implant to Length the Face by Affixing to Bottom of Jaw

I went to a plastic surgeon that said chin implants are for projection of the jaw not for lengthening the jaw. She said to go to an oral dentist... READ MORE

Genioplasty Possible Results for Longer Chin? (photo)

I'm looking for a genioplasty where the chin gets cut and moved down i would wish at least 8mm down, ( i donw need much forward) for a more masculine... READ MORE

Would a Short/button Chin Implant Give Vertical Height to my Short Chin? Or Is the Flower Mandibular Glove the Only One? (photo)

What I really want is some height to my chin since my face is too round. Is that possible w button style implant? Would placing it lower on the... READ MORE

Chin Implant For Pointy Chin?

I would like to have a central button chin implant just to add lenght, projection and specially no width to my chin, i am looking for a maximum of a... READ MORE

Is It Possible to Lengthen the Chin and Widening It with Chin Implant? (photo)

I am wondering if I could avoid Genioplasty and just get it done with a chin implant. How far can I go with a chin implant? I am looking for a... READ MORE

Best Way to Improve Jawline? (Jaw Implants with Genioplasty? or Custom Wrap Around Manible Implant? (photo)

The photo's attached are with sticking neck out and chuwing jaw for better jawline (but you can see good bone structure. i want to create a longer... READ MORE

Will my Chin Implant Be Big Enough?

Im getting Ramirez button chin implant which has the dimensions 40mm x 25mm x 4mm. The 4mm is the amount it is projected by. Will it change the... READ MORE

Chin Implant with Sliding Genioplasty

Can i have a chin implant and a sliding genioplasty at the same time? I want to add length to my chin but i also like how a chin implant widens the... READ MORE

Chin Implant After Genioplasty to Make Face Longer?

I had a severe overbite and got it fixed by surgeon and orthodontist. However, I still wish my chin would look longer and have more volume. Also, my... READ MORE

SOS I Can't Bear my Chin Anymore? (photo)

My chin is so short so flat! I can't bear it anymore. I want to get a V shape. What chin meterials is my best choice? Silasic ? Medpor? Gore-tex? OR... READ MORE

Is It Possible to Make my Face Taller by Chin Implants or Any Other Surgery?

I have a very round/wide type face and my lower face (jaw and chin) looks like one straight line with no level difference between the chin and the jaw... READ MORE

Can my Chin Be Lowered

I have a chin implant, but it makes my lower face rounded. can a sliding genioplasty give me for chin length for a v shaped jaw line instead of my... READ MORE

Young small female seeking chin implant revision. Should I revise it with the anatomical or curvilinear chin implant?

9 weeks ago, I had a medium sized mittelman prejowl chin implant placed submentally. It is too wide and has unwanted lengthening effect. This certain... READ MORE

Vertical Lengthening Chin Implant Size

I am thinking about getting a chin implant to increase the vertical length of my chin. I am doing a research on which size the vertical lengthening... READ MORE

Do all chin implants result in vertical lengthening of the face? (photos)

My chin recedes horizontally (to the side) but I I like its vertical height as is (from the front). I am wondering if a chin implant will inevitably... READ MORE

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