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Chin Implant Too Long/Pointy? Numbness - Normal?

I got a chin implant 2 and a half months ago. I am concerned that it may be positioned incorrectly. I wanted more forward projection to improve my... READ MORE

Can Chin Implant Changes Face Length? (photo)

My lower face length is very short. a doctor recommended to cut chin bone move forward and screw it. he also said silastic implant can’t change f... READ MORE

Is my chin too small for genioplasty? (Photo)

My chin is 1 inch long and receding. I would do a chin implant but the implant will only fix my profile and I want length added to my face. I'm scared... READ MORE

10 months post op of Chin Implant, is it safe to get chin fillers for extra length and projection?

I had a chin implant placed 10 months ago and I am still wanting a more prominent chin. Is it safe/possible to get chin fillers for some extra length... READ MORE

How much forward can genioplasty push the chin?

Hello, my chin is very short and the edge of my chin is very close to my neck. I learnt the chin implants can add maximum 8 mm to the chin length... READ MORE

After a Chin implant, will my smile go back to normal? & Can length be corrected later? It's too long for my face. (photo)

I love having a chin now, but my smile is no longer pointed/feminine. Is this still from swelling? I'm 3 weeks post op. I got a medium implant sewn in... READ MORE

What kind of chin implant is recommended for me? (photos)

I know I need to undergo rhinoplasty, that's already decided upon. BUT, I feel that my chin is both weak on my profile view AS WELL AS lengthwise,... READ MORE

Can I avoid going back to Jaw Advancement? Will extended chin implant provide length to the jaw as well as chin? (photo)

I wanted to have Jaw Advancement 4 yrs ago but the surgeon told me to do a sliding genioplasty and braces. It did not fully solve my problem. I have a... READ MORE

I already have a very long face, but a weak chin. Chin implant? (photo)

I plan to also get a rhinoplasty in order to improve the appearance of my nose. Is there any way I can make my chin the same length as my bottom lip... READ MORE

Can a chin implant add vertical length?

Is the before and after possible with just a chin implant , neck and lower face lipo, buccal fat pad removal, lip augmentation, and rhinoplasty? Or... READ MORE

I got a chin implant last year, and I asked for length and projection. The results were minimum projection. (photos)

He gave me a medium sized implant and said it would give both projection and length. Once the swelling went down, there was almost no projection. When... READ MORE

30 y/o male. Do I need liposuction, chin implant, neck lift, Platysmaplasty? (photos)

I am trying to get advice on what would be the best solution to fix my weak chin/jaw line, double chin and heavy, angular neck. I am a 30 year old... READ MORE

Am I good candidate for a chin implant? (Photo)

I'm looking to reduce the vertical length of my face and also improve horizontal projection of my chin. The length and "downwards" angle of my face is... READ MORE

I am seeking advice regarding a Chin Implant. (photos)

I went for consultation and is the photo from the computer a good indicator? Because I feel the chin looks shorter in length? Ideal I would like the... READ MORE

Will my face return to its normal vertical length after chin implant?

Hi! I recently got a chin implant 5 days ago and my face from the front looks a bit longer than before. Will it eventually come to its original state... READ MORE

Chin Asymmetry and Length. Can it be fixed with burring? (Photos)

I have had 2 genioplasties in the past. The first moved the chin forward 8mm and, when that was too much for my face, the second brought the chin back... READ MORE

Should I get genioplasty (reduction) or bimaxillary jaw surgery? (Photos)

I'm 22 and have disliked my facial profile for a number of years now. I have a rather 'long face' where my mid face is flat and my chin is... READ MORE

Will a Chin implant achieve more vertical length in my chin & a sharper jaw line or do I need a sliding genio surgery? (photo)

I would rather have a chin implant because they are more affordable. But if a chin implant won't give me the look I want I won't go through with it... READ MORE

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