Labiomental + Chin Implant

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Chin Augmentation Without Deeping Labiomental Fold

I'm considering a chin augmentation and would prefer an implant over bone cutting. My picture shows unedited(A), ideal results(B), and unfavorable... READ MORE

Front View of Chin - Deep Crease and Golfball/Bubble Chin

I got a chin implant about 10 months ago. I'm not satisfied with it. My labiomental crease is deep and when I smile, my chin looks like a... READ MORE

Chin Implant Vs. Genioplasty - Augmenting the Labiomental Groove? (photo)

According to the orthodontist I have a retruded chin/jaw but my occlusion is good with just a slight overbite therefore I am not a candidate for jaw... READ MORE

What would you recommend to fix a deep labiomental crease and pointy chin (when smiling)? (photos)

My chin bone projection isn't far, it is just excess skin causing this issue that bothers me when I'm not smiling and when I am. What are my options... READ MORE

Deep labiomental crease and golf ball chin when smiling. (Photo)

My chin is a little round ball there is a circular crease around it when I smile. The golf ball appearance is lessened when Im not smiling. I'm... READ MORE

Would I benefit from a chin implant despite deep labiomental groove? (Photo)

I've been insecure over my recessed chin/jaw , and have been looking for ways to correct it. I'm hoping to avoid a heavy jaw surgery, and instead... READ MORE

Advanta implant in labiomental fold?

I am 24 year male with very deep labiomental fold i have sought that advanta implant works best in that particular area is that resonable to go with?... READ MORE

I'm looking for Labimonetal fold with Alveolar implant. What would you recommend? (photos)

Hello. Im looking for a more vertical labimonetal fold. My second Picture is showing me making the fold more vertical by using my toung. I have a... READ MORE

Am I a good candidate for chin implant? Deep labiomental fold (Photo)

I do not like the look of my profile, specifically my chin. After two consultations with board certified surgeons I would love some more opinions. My... READ MORE

What should I do about my labiomental crease? (Photo)

I am fairly self conscious of my profile due to my deep labiomental crease, i also have an overbite if that makes any difference READ MORE

What size chin implant should I get? Should I be concerned about my labiomental fold? (photo)

I am going to get a chin implant and rhinoplasty and am concerned my chin implant will come out looking bad because of my labiomental fold. Are... READ MORE

Do I need a chin implant? Prefer implant than sliding genioplasty. (photos)

I really want to fix my receding chin. I have a slight overbite but not enough for jaw advancement. I'd rather have an implant than sliding... READ MORE

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